why do we see ourselves in the mirror


Do you see yourself how you really are or how others want you to be? This can seem like an insignificant question, butPit s very important. Once we start reflecting upon this, we realize that maybe other people don t see us the same way that we see ourselves. For example,
how you behave or what you show with these behaviors will make people form an image of you that you may not share. are like your conscience. You can see yourself as you are, and asPyou rePnot, because whoever seesPthemselves deeply in the mirror tries to conceal their flaws and fix them in order to fit in. All of this can influence you in a positive or negative way. Imagine, for example, when you see that you have packed on a few extra pounds, and every one else tells you that you look fine. It s a simple example of how your perspective isn t the same asPthat of the rest of the world, and that influences many things. Many of us are full of complexes that keep us from enjoying ourselves. PThis causes us to constantly wear masks and perform, to varying degrees, around others. We are constantly thinking about what image to give Pothers, about how they re going to view us. What we don t know is that many times people don t see us how we think they do or how we would like them to. Do you know what would be really positive? To interacting with the people around us and ask them directly how they view us. If you have done this, you will discover things that you surelyPdidn tPeven imagine about yourself. Everything they tell you will help you form a real image, which is the one that you will project towards everybody else.


What will you discover about yourself? Sometimes, we let ourselves be influenced too much by what we think is expected of us. How do others want us to be? This can create an external image of us that we don t truly identify with. Sometimes, if we re with manipulative or aggressive people that tend to make us submissive, we can end up giving off an image thatPdoesn tPat all correspond with you we really are. Why is our pridePrelegated? PYou arePbeing how others want you to be. Don t let that happen. The way you view yourself will influence how others see you. If you have any complexes, they will manifest themselves and people will notice them. Either way, wanting to be someone you are not, trying to please everyone, being yourself and not letting anything influence you, having a, it s all noticeable! What do youPneed to keep in mind when you reflect upon how you view yourself? Two very important factors: Whatever you think about yourself will become a reality for you, whether you want it to or not. Everything that goes through your head will manifest itself in some way. Therefore, think positively and leave the negative side of things elsewhere. Thinking positively about yourself will be very beneficial for you. Beauty is created within you. All of the good, all of the positive, it has to come out of you, nobody else. Why hide who we are? Manifest your true self, because sometimes we want to be someone we are simply not.

Accept yourself, accept that beauty and manifest it. Also, something important you should keep in mind is how you treat others. Everything, absolutely everything, will reflect upon you as a person. Treating people well and being respectful will make others see you in a positive light. It s for you to have bad days sometimes, we re all human. But how we treat other people is how they are going to view us. We see things, not asPthey truly are, but rather how we are. If we are negative, we ll see everything negatively. And that s how others will see us as well, as negative people. Try it out and ask others how they view you as a person! You can share with us what you discover. In this little exercise, you ll be able to open your and see yourself from another perspective. One different from your own. What have you learned about yourself now? Realize that your point of view is not the only real and true point of view around. Can a mirror tell you how you really look like? Some people don\’t like the way they look in photos simply because they aren\’t photogenic. Many of those people know that the camera picture doesn\’t represent the way they look like in real life. But when it comes to a mirror you can rest assured that it will reflect to you your real looks, Right? No that\’s totally incorrect, the way our eyes perceives different objects including our own picture in a mirror is subject to that are done by the brain before we actually see those objects. In Other words, you might look in a mirror and never see how the real you looks like!

Confused yet? then keep reading to unfold the mystery. 1) Distracted perception: Your brain always modifies the images you see before you see them. When was the last time you saw a close friend then upon coming closer to him you found that he is someone else? Your brain alters the visual signals you receive then send you the modified images. In other words if you think that you are fat you can actually see yourself fat in the mirror even if you were actually slim. People who suffer from anorexia nervosa always see themselves in a different way in the mirror than the way others see them. (see also 2) You see what you are scared of: If you for example then i am sure it happened to you more than once that you thought that a bag or any other object was a dog. Our perception is always alerted by our brains to help us find the objects or the things we fear faster in order to be able to protect ourselves from possible threats. Now if you fear looking old then most probably you will see yourself looking older in the mirror even if you still look young (see also 3) Focusing on what you don\’t like: Once your brain focuses on an object it appears bigger and more important than its really is. If you don\’t like a scar on your face for example then you are very likely to see it bigger than its really is when you look in the mirror. The same happens when you dislike any of your facial features, you just see them in totally different way than the way others see them. (see also 4) Discarding important data: When you dislike a person you usually overlook all the good things he does and only focus on the bad ones.

The same kind of deletion happens with your face and body. In the i said that people who don\’t like their looks usually skip their good looking features or body parts and only focus on the ones they don\’t like. 5) Your mood affects the way you see things: If you looked in the mirror right after doing great in a test or making any other achievement then you will find yourself more attractive than you really are while if you looked in the mirror while you were already down then most probably you will see yourself through a different lens (see So what? Make sure you become aware of the tricks your mind plays on you all the time so that you don\’t end up thinking that you are less attractive than you really are. By educating yourself well about these perception errors you can protect your beliefs about your looks and maintain a healthy mental self image. The was launched by 2knowmyself. com; the program will either help you become more confident or give you your money back. 2knowmyself is not a complicated medical website nor a boring online encyclopedia but rather a place where you will find simple, to the point and effective information that is backed by psychology and presented in a simple way that you can understand and apply. If you think that this is some kind of marketing hype then see. Want to know more?

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