why do we need cell phones in school


Although many school systems impose a ban on studentsв cell phone usage within schools for many good reasons, equally compelling reasons exist to permit students to use them. Everyone understands how the presence of cell phones doubles the noise and distractions in already noisy school buildings filled with restless youth. However, with the proper rules about student cell phone use, the phones can benefit studentsв education. Since most students have cell phones, some of which have Internet access, school systems do not have to spend as much money buying and maintaining costly computer labs. Permitting students to go online for quick research during class reduces the need to resort to overburdened computer labs. Students whose phones have this capability could sit in class and use Internet sources for class assignments. For students who take notes slowly, camera cell phones can take photos of the blackboard, and phones with recording apps can record lectures.


Other students can record entire class activities in both audio and video for absent students. Also, students can text upcoming assignments to themselves and their calendars. Many free educational applications, such as calculators and language-learning apps, already exist, so both teachers and students can take advantage of these tools to advance learning. It costs nothing to use these apps for school exercises, since many students already have these applications on their phones. We live in an unpredictable world and students need to maintain contact with that outside world via cell phones in times of disaster, such as bombings and bomb threats, storms, floods, tornadoes and shootings. Indeed many colleges now employ text alerts to its community for emergencies, and K-12 schools can benefit from doing the same. Also, students need to contact parents and other authorities, such as the police and fire department, during crises.
Should students be allowed to use cell phones in school?

Well in my opinion kids should be allowed to have cellular devices in school. Many parents want to be informed if their kids will be coming home and that way with a cell phone you can and warn your mom that you will not be coming home because maybe you are going to a friends house or you have a game after school. I think that they can have a phone but they canвt use it in class. In my opinion if students will use it for something good then they should be able to use cell phones in school! A phone can be used for many educational things like research, projects, calculators, and even putting in important dates when a homework assignment or a project is due. You can also use a phone to call or text your parents if maybe you forgot your lunch at home, need lunch money so you can eat at school, or let them know that you have tutorials after school that day.

There are many things that phones are useful for! Cell phones can keep you safe. Believe it or not cell phones can save your life. People think it is okay to take photos in class and post them when actually just hurting themselves. Students should take control of themselves before doing something stupid. Kids should but shouldnвt be allowed to use their phones in school. One of the reasons kids shouldnвt be allowed to use their phones in school is because they can simply cheat during a test or get distracted by text messages or any social network. But a good reason that kids should be allowed to have cellular devices is that they can act in case of an emergency. Many kids donвt see the consequences, and until they get the consequences, and they realize they were wrong. Another reason why cell phones are bad in school is that kids can post a picture and cause their teacher to get fired from work.

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