why do we go to school 5 days a week


The answer is not about how many days, but rather, how many hours of school is sufficient. P In many countries students attend school six days a week but for less hours. P I some countries, students attend six very long days (Japan, China). The answer depends on how many hours are needed to get the instruction done. P Education in the United States has always been based on convenience and economics. P The five day school week was designed so that students would be free on weekends to help with crops and to attend church on Sunday. That\’s one of the reasons that in the US, students generally have the summer off (again, so that they could help with the crops). P
The United States is finally beginning to consider other options to the 5 day school week by changing hours, days and curriculum content.


I am appalled at the outcome of this very important issue. School performance by students is very low to poor, and we are going to have fewer days in school? LetBs look at the facts. The survey was set up to allow students and some staff who want their three-day weekends to vote unlimited times both on paper as well as online with no accountability of who was voting, ultimately manipulating the end results in their favor. Why would students be able to decide how many days to attend school? Of course they are going to vote for less school, and some teachers will too.


After talking with multiple parents and a few teachers, they absolutely wanted five-day school weeks and couldnBt believe the outcome of this survey. Some even suggest pulling their kids out of this school district. Who wouldnBt want to work fewer days for the same pay? Maybe we should pay those great teachers who want to be there on Fridays and after class activities extra and reduce the pay of teachers who just want to work four days a week. The facts: With the longer days kids are burning out by mid-afternoon, making their comprehension levels drop to zero. The kids have disconnected from school by Monday morning after having three days off to play, watch TV, zone out on computer games, stay up late, wander the streets, some getting in trouble, putting less effort into school work.

They forget last weekBs lessons. It appears that the ones who were pushing the four-day school week threw out inflated figures and guessed at the savings in the budget without looking at the details. Maybe they were just hoping to have three-day weekends for themselves? LetBs have a more honest evaluation of this situation. We as parents and adults should be making the decision for our kidsB education needs, not your child. A five-day school week with shorter days will benefit the kids in the long run. Via CortezJournal. com

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