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People often talk about English as a global language or lingua franca. With more than 350 million people around the world speaking English as a first language and more than 430 million speaking it as a second language, there are English speakers in most countries around the world. Why is English so popular, though? And why has it become a global language? People often call English the international language of business, and it s increasingly true as international trade expands every year, bringing new countries into contact. Many of the best MBA programs are taught in English, so speaking it well can put you in a position to get the best training and credentials. Most multinational companies require a certain degree of English proficiency from potential employees so in order to get a position with a top company, more and people are learning English. If your ambitions lie in science or medicine, you can t neglect English either. Much of the technical terminology is based on English words, and if you want to learn about the latest developments and discoveries from around the world, you ll read about them in journals and research reports published in English, no matter whether the scientists who wrote them are from China or Norway. And, of course, with good conversational English, you ll be able to network and make important contacts at conferences and seminars.


English also opens doors in the academic world. Of course, if the best program in your field is in an English-speaking country, English will give you the opportunity to study with the top scholars. Western universities are attracting more and more visiting scholars, students and professors from all around the world, and their common working language is English. As well as studying and teaching, attending international conferences and publishing in foreign journals are some of the key steps to success in academia. In order to speak at these conferences or publish in these journals, excellent English is essential. Journalists and writers around the world are finding a good command of English to be an increasingly useful skill. Even if you re writing your articles and doing interviews in your own language, with good English you can get background material from international wire services and papers and magazines from around the world. You can interview foreign businessmen, diplomats and maybe even get sent to cover overseas stories. Good English skills mean that you are not reliant on translators and can work faster and more accurately with English information sources. If you want a career in travel, English is absolutely essential. As the international language of aviation, pilots and cabin crew all need to speak English.

Even if you re not up in the air, speaking English accurately will ensure you are able to communicate with clients and suppliers all over the world. So, what s stopping you from learning this global language? With all the resources available on the internet and so many other English speakers around the world to practice with, there s never been a better time to start learning English. Pick up a book, learn a few words, or even start a course today and take your first steps towards becoming one of nearly 800 million English speakers in the world.
Vocabulary to spread in common communicate complicated artificial Reading About one hundred years ago many educated people learned and spoke French when they met people from other countries. Today most people speak English when they meet foreigners. It has become the new international language. There are more people who speak English as a second language than people who speak English as a first language. Why is this? There are many reasons why English has become so popular. One of them is that English has become the language of business. Another important reason is that popular American culture (like movies, music, and McDonald\’s) has quickly spread throughout the world. It has brought its language with it.

Is it good that English has spread to all parts of the world so quickly? I don\’t know. It\’s important to have a language that the people of the earth have in common. Our world has become very global and we need to communicate with one another. On the other hand, English is a fairly complicated language to learn and it brings its culture with it. Do we really need that? Scientists have already tried to create an artificial language that isn\’t too difficult and doesn\’t include any one group\’s culture. It is called Esperanto. But it hasn\’t become popular. But maybe the popularity of English won\’t last that long either. Who knows? There are more people in the world who speak Chinese than any other language. Maybe someday Chinese will be the new international language. Questions 1. What was the world language 100 years ago? 2. Which group is larger- people who speak English as a first language or people who speak English as a second language? People who speak English as a second language. 3. What are two reasons English has become an international language today? Business and popular culture. 4. What are two reasons English isn\’t a good international language? It\’s complicated and it brings its culture. 5. What is Esperanto? It\’s an artificial language. What might the future international language be? Chinese???

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