why do we need to recycle paper


Any materials not recycled cost many times more to dispose of than if we are able to recycle them, in both real money and in environmental harm. The trees that paper comes from are a vital resource, they absorb carbon dioxide, which we humans exhale into the atmosphere. Without the trees this carbon dioxide builds up in the atmosphere contributing to global warming and climate change.


It is true to say that replanting initiatives and legislation are helping, but it is in all our interests to keep as many trees as possible – Keep Rother Green! It is also true that recycling paper uses much less energy than making new paper. As a final clincher (should it be needed), separated paper is sold and the income is essential to controlling our costs.
Millions of tonnes of paper are produced each year.


This is used for a wide variety of products and applications such as: office paper, newspapers, envelopes, agricultural sacks, plasterboard and for packaging of all types of consumer, commercial and industrial goods. Paper and packaging make up huge proportions of most municipal and commercial waste streams; therefore, the paper industry is the UK\’s largest recycler.


However, almost 5 million tonnes of waste paper is still sent to landfill or incineration each year. This means that the industry has to import fibre to meet its needs, which does not make environmental or economic sense. Click to find out more about recycling paper.

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