why do we need to recycle computers


or computer recycling is a process of recycling computers and other electronic devices. In short recycling is a complete destruction of all the electronic devices cutting down on the mining raw materials rather than extracting them from the old and obsolete electronics. In the word of technology the amount of e-waste is increasing as the useful lifespan of the devices, the products and services we are using is going shorter and shorter. Consumers demand for the next best thing is increasing, and the consumers answer their demands by updating and improving the devices, equipmentвs quicker than ever before. In a research study conducted by National safety council says that nearly 250 million computers would turn out to be obsolete in the next five years, and the mobile phones would be discarded at a rate of 130 million per year. The question then comes here is what would we do with so much of stuff in this hand. And the only answer to this question is that recycle force where the organizations come forward and ensure that each and every item that they take is disposed in a safe and in an environmentally conscious way.


Electronics tend to become useless once they stop working and we come across a situation where we might have a difficulty in getting rid of them. And the best way of disposing the damaged or the old electronics is to recycle them appropriately. Electronic recycling might not be a popular technique now but would soon turn out to be a wise and viable option for many of you. Recycling of the electronic appliances and gadgets would give you an opportunity to becoming the most responsible person, helping you protect the environment in a much more better manner. When you recycle the electronic gadgets then you get hold of the additional income sources and opportunities that are important for employment. Many electronic organizations to this have come to existence providing one of the best opportunities to these individuals, giving your recycled electronics to such organizations and getting new ones in exchange of the old ones. Many parts of these electronic equipmentвs are made out of some precious materials, and if you could re-use the same materials for some other electronic appliances then you would not just save your money but would also prevent some environmental degradation to a certain extent as well.


It would be a smart move if you get your electronic items recycled as storing them in the house would not be good and it would continue creating a clutter in your house. The storage space would again be used to store other important things rather than the storing old or the damaged electronics. Once you have learned how to recycle the electronics then you would never do the mistake of dumping them anywhere and everywhere. And in this way you would also be able to preserve the deteriorating health of the environment, improving your health as it is believed that harmful elements are never released during the recycle process.
When it comes to recycling laptops, even one makes a big difference recycling one million laptops saves enough energy to power 3,500 U. S. homes for an entire year,.


Plus, the inside of your computer contains valuable metals like gold, silver and platinum that can be recovered and reused. The easiest way to make sure your computer is properly recycled is to take it to a local retailer with a computer recycling program. To find one near you, check out our at the bottom of this page. Before recycling your computer, here are a few preparation steps: from your computer to prevent identity theft. You may want to back up important files on an external hard drive. Unplug the computer peripherals (keyboard, speakers, etc. ) from your desktop or laptop. You can likely recycle these parts as well using the same company where you take the machine, but consider reusing them or donating them since they won t need a software upgrade to work on a new computer. For a laptop, flip it over and see if you can remove the battery. Many laptops use lithium-ion batteries, which for recycling, so this is especially important if using a manufacturer mail-back program.

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