why do we pray namaz what is intercession


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Sometimes, you might think to yourself that its ok to pray and talk with God and to have a relationship with Him at that level, but what is the point of praying for other things and people?

You might think, God is all powerful, all knowing, all seeing and ultimately can do whatever He wants to whenever He wants to; so there is no need to pray because if God really wants to heal someone, or change a place or whatever, He will do it.

Well from a point of view this is true but half of your theology is missing if this is what you believe. In John 1: 51 Jesus talks about the heavens being open, therefore there must be times when the heavens are shut. In effect as Luke 11: 9 says, if we knock it will be opened to us. Prayer and intercession are ways of creating an opening for God to work through down onto earth.

This may seem an odd prospect from a God who is capable of all things with no assistance; that He should choose to be copartners with us in changing and saving this world, but it\’s true (Romans 8: 17). 2 Corinthians 10: 34 reveals that although we walk in fleshly bodies our weapons are not fleshly but spiritual. This is because the things which we fight are also spiritual things (Ephesians 6: 12). We must wage war through prayer for all things and all people.

Prayer and intercession are not just important, they are essential because unless we win our battles in the heavenlies first we will not win them here on earth. So, for example, before you go on a mission, pray and intercede for its success. In Matthew 16: 19 Jesus tells Peter that whatever he does in the heavens, will be so done on the earth. Therefore we too need to follow this example and make our first battle in prayer before we act out what we are praying for! Sara Jukes

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