why do we need renewable energy solutions


A common argument against wind farms is that they kill birds and bats. However, if environmental impact assesments are conducted and migratory and local bird population patterns are assesed before construction, this is avoided completely. It is vital that these assessments are made to ensure the safety of birds and bats, as with any development project. Studies have shown that noise complaints, especially those related to wind farms, are often unrelated to actual noise. In most cases it was found that people were actually opposed to the farms on aesthetic grounds Б which would be the same with coal or nuclear plants. It was also found that БnoiseБ complaints dropped off rapidly when local communities derived income from the renewable energy projects in question. The land used for renewable energy projects, like wind farms, can still be used for farming and cattle grazing. International experience has shown that livestock are completely unaffected by the presence of wind farms and will often graze right up to the base of wind turbines.


Unlike coal and nuclear RE pays off its carbon footprint and does so relatively quickly. Depending on where they are made, solar panels offset their carbon footprint in about four years.
Hopefully forgive me, Miss Lavelle. But your readers need a little explanation, more direct, of my discovery, against which, it is being spent a lot of money, so they will not publish: The Earth is a giant centrifugal hydraulic pump without flow. Therefore, we can consider any of these, as analysis model. No matter their inefficiency, when there is no flow of water: the efficiency is zero, and all the energy in the shaft, is lost in heat or internal energy, and self-recirculation. When the flow rate increases, so does the efficiency until it reaches its maximum; being transferred more energy from the shaft, and lowering the energy loss. That is, one flow is primed, which implies, a percentage of the total energy of rotation.


The rotational energy of our planet is 63 yottawatt-hour, at 1% efficiency, we would have at our disposal 630 zettawatt-hour. Also, there are estimates of the energy in the powerful, ocean currents, that I think, the most powerful are 4; already such estimates of lost energy (370 Tw) is enough to justify our discovery. But the interesting thing is that, until the more inefficient, centrifugal pumps on our planet, if its impeller rotates, its efficiency is not less than 1%, Why think that the earth not have this efficiency, in the worst case? This is the source of OCEANOGENIC POWER of Panama, that only in Panama, with current technology, we can extract. Currently the net effect is a head of water of 0. 3 to 15 meters between the Pacific and Atlantic, separated 70 kilometers (44 miles). When priming any flow, will happen the same as occurs in a centrifugal pump, which is nothing more that a chain reaction that will precipitate an energy in equilibrium that is front of our noses.

At a cost of 3 cents per kwh, and the new HTS lines, makes available to all present civilization, enough, clean energy. With these costs and abundance, can be electrolysed at 200 Pa, onsite water to produce hydrogen and oxygen that it needs the existing USA transport: 33 TWH per day. Although it would be much easier, and would reach for the whole world, if, while we build the first OCEANOGENIC POWER plant: we increase the efficiency for move, our civilization, from the current 3% to 30%; through electric drive. We wanted to consider the use of brakes. With terrestrial Cryogenic nitrogen plants, and easy modifications to install on floating offshore platforms, or for take care of thunderstorms: semi or fully immersed; superconducting lines, underground or underwater, can carry from Panama, all the OCEANOGENIC POWER necessary on any, or all continents, both for electricity as for distill, onsite hydrogen and oxygen, or any green fuel at CIF cost: less than 5 dollar cents per kilowatt hour.

With superconducting transformers, connected as directional couplers, and using perfect loads that consume electrical energy distilland, of seawater, hydrogen and oxygen, is unnecessary to find a way of fault interrupt to the transmission of large amounts of electricity. And if the generation is, in small stages, as is the case of the first power plant to extract OCEANOGENIC POWER in Panama, there is no obstacle to send already, clean energy to any market of our planet, and distilling on site, fuels requiring the respective markets or last mile users. From Panama to USA, the superconducting transmission line would cost 2 billion to Florida, 3 to Texas, and 5 to California. To Japan or China, via USA, 10 billion should be increased more. To Spain; and therefore Europe: would be 8 billion. And the CIF cost of each kilowatt-hour will be less than 5 cent of a dollar.

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