why do we need to protect endangered animals


Is it Important to Save Animals from Extinction? Some people may ask why bother with conservation? We now realise that it is important to maintain the planet s biodiversity, that it is the richness (variety) of animal and plant life, its abundance and wild habitats that keeps us all healthy and happy. The more species disappear, the more entire eco-systems become vulnerable and would eventually fall apart as the links in the food chains become broken. For example certain animals only eat certain plants and those plants may need that animal to pollinate it or spread its seed. Without one, the other is also likely to die out. From a selfish point of view, we humans never know how valuable a species of animal or plant may be for us in the future, perhaps as food, medicines (particularly plants) or for specific information such as for biomimicry.
No protecting endangered species should not be a governmental priority.


Without doubt the need to protect animals on the endangered species list is important, it should not be a governmental priority in this age of limited funding resources. The protection activities for endangered animals needs to be included as a standard operation function of the proper enforcement agency. It should not be a priority funding item. 1. Actively going out and trying to coddle a dying race back to life ultimately changes that race and makes them dependent on human intervention.


This is simply against the natural order of things, it inhibits Darwinism to take place. Animals should be adapting to the changing world and if the ones who are not will naturally grow weaker and weaker. To spend effort and money on helping these animals is doing nothing but prolonging the extinction. In order to help an endangered species you have to put it into contained area where you can protect them from death (depending on the severity). The alternative would be to go in and try to help the environment that they live in, but of course the underline causes for there dying out will still be there, simply set back a short while.


Animals who are put into captivity stop becoming independent and lose what actually makes them that animal in all but appearance. While its helpful to, for instance, try and stop whaling and pollution, it should not be a government priority. The government at its heart has one job, to protect and serve its citizens. The people of america need to remain the priority. We can focus on the animals when people stop dying in the streets of starvation and deal with our other million problems that are much more important

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