why do we get twitches in eyes


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Very rarely, eyelid spasms are a symptom of a more serious brain or nerve disorder. When the eyelid twitches are a result of these more serious conditions, they are almost always accompanied by other symptoms.


Brain and nerve disorders that may cause eyelid twitches include: (facial palsy), which is a condition that causes one side of your face to droop downward, which causes unexpected muscle spasms and the affected areaБs body part to twist or contort (spasmodic torticollis), which causes the neck to randomly spasm and the head to twist into uncomfortable positions (MS), which is a disease of the central nervous system that causes cognitive and movement problems, as well as fatigue, which can cause trembling limbs, muscle stiffness, balance problems, and difficulty speaking, which is characterized by involuntary movement and verbal tics Undiagnosed corneal scratches can also cause eyelid twitches.

If you think you have an eye injury, see your optometrist or ophthalmologist immediately. can cause permanent eye damage.

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