why do they call it a cup of joe


When you wake up in the morning, do you ever
to the wonderful of something brewing in the? and, the smell of a freshly-brewing pot of can bring you to life and lift you right out of bed. Are you ready for a big cup of joe? How about a hot mug of? is a beloved drink of millions of around the world. It is so loved that it has spawned all sorts of nicknames. Two of the most common are Б \” and Бcup of joe. \” So how did come to be known by these interesting? When it comes to the, the is fairly. When became quite popular way back in the 1800s, the main source of the world\’s at that time was the Indonesian named. So it was only natural that a mug of hot would come to be known as. But what about a \”cup of joe? \” That common has been around a long time, but its origins are still a bit mysterious. There are several theories that have been put forth, but none of them can claim to be the. Some believe that the origin of Бcup of joe\” stems from a 1914 ban on alcohol on U. S. Navy ships imposed by the Secretary of the Navy Josephus БJoe\” Daniels.


After his order, imposed near the beginning of World War I, the strongest drink a sailor could get on a was black. Those who believe this theory claim that sailors, angry about the ban, began to call a Бcup of joe\” in protest. However, historians have doubt on this theory. For starters, alcohol was not widely available on Navy ships prior to the ban, so the ban would\’ve had very little, if any, practical effect. More importantly, historians believe that Бcup of joe\” didn\’t first enter the English language until about 1930. Linguists believe it came into being at that time as a corruption of another common at that time: jamoke. Jamoke was itself a combination of nicknames and. Experts believe that, over time, jamoke may have transformed into joe, since it\’s natural for terms to shorten over the years. Another theory holds that came to be known as joe, because joe itself is a term for a common, guy, or. In other words, became a cup of joe because it was considered the common man\’s drink.

Which theory makes the most sense to you? After all these years, it\’s basically impossible to definitively prove one way or another how these terms came to be. All of the theories might hold some bit of the truth, or they could all be wrong! Perhaps it\’s a debate best left as a discussion amongst friendsБover a cup of joe, of course! Coffee comes in many forms. There is steamed, iced, cold brew, and dripБand donБt even get us started on mochas, cappuccinos, and lattes. Some of us brew it at home (and these are ), while others stop by the nearest coffee chain for a quick yet delicious cuppa. But why in the world is your a. m. pick-me-up called Бa cup of JoeБ? It may sound silly, but this iconic nickname has several fascinating origin stories. As one legend goes, it all started with Josephus Daniels, the Secretary of the Navy during World War I. In 1914, he banned alcohol consumption on all U. S. Navy ships. Because coffee was the next strongest substitute, American sailors sarcastically deemed it Бa cup of Josephus.

Б The snarky name stuck, although it came to be known as Бa cup of JoeБ for short. (Speaking of names, youБll never guess. ) While it s an amusing idea, this story probably isn t true. points out that the term cup of Joe wasnБt officially coined until 1930Бlong after the NavyБs alcohol ban. So, where did this nickname really come from? Truthfully, no one knows. Still, a far more likely theory claims that БJoeБ is a form of the word jamoke, which combines the words java and mocha. A Бcup of jamokeБ might have eventually been shortened down to a Бcup of Joe. Б Others say that БJoeБ is slang for fellow, guy, or chap; as a result, a Бcup of JoeБ could be another way of saying Бthe common manБs drink. Б No matter what you call it (or how you take it! ), one thing is certain: You can always count on coffee to help you function like a normal human in the morning. Sound familiar? , too. [Source:, ] More:,

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