why do they call it a boston butt


The Colonel,[p]Not sure if I can remember the whole story but it disagrees with the prior post in how it was named. I have NO IDEA why its named what it is but here s what I heard/read. I actually posted a link to this article in the past but checking the archives gave no hint of where it is. May still be there but I cant find it now. [p]When meat was being packed and shipped in the early sailing ship days, it was packed into wooden crates, called a BUTT, for shipment.


The roasts that were shipped from the Boston area in these crates had a unique cut to them, different from all of the other meat that was packed in the crates. These crates were more desireable apparently and when the crates came into the docks, the Boston Butts were separated from the rest of the normal cut meat. [p]So, the name comes not from the cut of meat itself, but what it was shipped IN, a Butt that originated in Boston.


I have also heard that the Boston Butt is called that everywhere EXCEPT Boston, not sure about that today but it was apparently true in the past. [p]More fodder for the mill. Interesting if nothing else. [p]Troy
G\’Day Eggheads, I am very much keen to try pulled pork on my new egg. However the Boston Butt is not a common in the window/on the shelf item here in Australia.

Not a single butcher I have spoken to has heard of the term. Can anyone advise on how best to explain this cut so I can get the right piece of pork? Also keen to hear from any other Aussies on the forum about how they have gone getting the American style cuts. My butcher has done me a few briskets lately that have turned out well. Going to try a legg of lamb this weekend. Thanks in advance!

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