why do we celebrate constitution day on september 17th


Constitution Day September, the anniversary of the official signing of the US constitution in 1787. The document stood as the result of tireless work and compromise between the delegates of the Constitutional Convention в basically to bring about an agreement between the states which would allow a central government the power to enforce its decisions and allow the USA to stand as an international force, while maintaining a reasonable level of independence within the separate states. Of course, to this day the constitution of 1787 has formed the basis for the development and running of the USA as we know it, priding itself on its roots in democracy, rights and the social contract. Certainly some aspects of the constitution have been contested over the years as attitudes change over time в key issues including slavery and women in employment, while the core elements have remained.


Education about the constitution is hugely encouraged, particularly on
Constitution Day. Schools and educational establishments receiving any form of federal funding are required to teach the history of the American constitution on this day, but more than this many establishments such as universities and colleges look to celebrate the constitution by holding celebratory leisure events including вConstitution Trivia Quizesв and community fairs. Constitution based merchandise is also made available in different forms from free paperback copies to t-shirts with constitution quotes. So get involved with the learning this Constitution Day and find out about the history and background of the constitution that defines the USA and once youвve done that, you can buy the t-shirt!


Each September 17, the celebrates Constitution Day and Citizenship Day a U. S. federal observance to commemorate the signing of the Constitution, and recognize all who, by coming of age or by naturalization, have become citizens. The United States was signed on September 17, 1787 by thirty-nine delegates to the held in. After ratification by eleven states, the Constitution became effective about one year later (September 13, 1788). (Amendments 1-10) were added and ratified on December 15, 1791. While the U. S. Constitution has been amended and interpreted in different ways by courts over the years, it has endured.


As the oldest continuing constitution in the world, it is viewed as a document embodying strong institutions, democratic ideals and principles of freedom. Through the leadership of, Congress enacted language in the ( ) that changed the designation of September 17th to Constitution Day and Citizenship Day and added two new requirements (1) the head of every federal agency shall provide each employee with educational and training materials concerning the Constitution and (2) any educational institution which receives Federal funds shall hold a program on the U. S. Constitution for students on this day. The Law Library of Congress holds an annual Constitution Day program to promote a greater understanding of constitutional law issues.

This year we are happy to welcome to discuss. If you are in the D. C. area tomorrow, please join us for this which will begin at 1:00 p. m. Even if you cannot attend the event in person, please join the discussion via Twitter ) using the hashtag. We will add a web cast of the event to this space in the near future. In the meantime, you can view last year s which featured Senior Editor Dahlia Lithwick of Slate (magazine) who reviewed the U. S. Supreme Court s activities in 2012. To review the history of this observance along with important primary and secondary source materials on the subject, has written an excellent commemorative observances guide to. Additional Library resources on the topic include: Update: The event video was added below.

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