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Officially, the first-ever World Series game played in November was Game 5 of the 2001 World Series, which started the evening of Nov. 1. But Derek Jeter got a jump on things the night before. Game 4 began around 8:30 p. m. local time in New York on Halloween. The Diamondbacks held a 2-1 lead over Jeter s Yankees after winning the first two games in Arizona and losing a nailbiter in Game 3 the night before. With the game tied at 1, the Diamondbacks broke through for two runs in the top of the eighth. With things seemingly well in hand, Arizona sent closer Byung-Hyun Kim to the mound in the eighth. Kim had emerged late in the season as the Diamondbacks regular closer, with 19 saves on the year against just two blown. He hadn t been needed in any of the first three games after two easy wins in Arizona and a loss the previous night. Making his World Series debut, Kim looked to have it under control, striking out the side in the eighth. In the ninth, though, the Yankees got to him. After Jeter led off by bunting into an out, Paul O Neill singled to left. Bernie Williams then struck out swinging. Tino Martinez, the last hope for the Yankees, launched a two-run homer to right-center to tie the game. The Yankees would put two more on in the ninth against Kim, but he got Shane Spencer to strike out to send the game into extra innings. After Arizona went feebly in the top half of the 10th, Kim returned to the mound for a third inning of work. He got two fly ball outs, and then it was time for Jeter again. After the first pitch of Jeter s at-bat, the clock struck midnight at Yankee Stadium and the calendar officially turned to November 1. Eight pitches later, this happened:
Jeter hit one of his patented opposite-field shots and it carried inches over the wall in right field, a game-winning blast for the Yankees to tie the series at two games apiece. It was the first game action in Major League Baseball history to take place in November.


As Jeter circled the bases, a fan held a sign that gave Jeter an apt nickname, playing off Reggie Jackson s Mr. October : Here s Jeter s entire at-bat, complete with the midnight camera shot and the Mr. November call from Yankees announcer Michael Kay: The reason for this Series dragging into November, of course, was a somber one. The terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, canceled baseball for a week, pushing the entire calendar back. The next night, in the first MLB game to start in the month of November, the Yankees won again in dramatic fashion, again scoring two off Kim in the ninth and then winning in the 12th. Back in Arizona, the Diamondbacks won the final two games в including getting the great Mariano Rivera to blow a save in Game 7 в to cap what many regard as the best World Series of all-time. World Series games in November are not such a rare sight these days, with the advent of the wild-card games stretching the schedule. The Kansas City Royals clinched last year s title on Nov. 1 in Game 5. Game 6 of this year s World Series between the Cubs and Indians will take place Tuesday в Nov. 1 в with coverage starting on FOX at 7:30 p. m. ET. Dick Groch, the New York Yankee scout who spotted Derek Jeter at a camp in Mount Morris, Michigan,. When the YankeesБ brass expressed concern that Jeter might opt to attend college at Michigan instead of turning pro, Groch replied, БThe only place heБs going is Cooperstown. Б How right he wasБbut even the scout couldnБt have predicted how synonymous with the Yankees, and with sporting greatness, the shortstop would become. Jeter was never the best player in the league in a given season, and he never won a regular season MVP award, but he has more than enough accolades to make and the army of Jeter haters look silly. He was Rookie of the Year in 1996, an All-Star 14 times over, earned five Gold Gloves, and has more hits than all but five men in Major League Baseball history.


His five World Series rings put him behind only 20 other players, 19 of whom were Yankees. But Jeter fits right in with the best ever to wear the pinstripes, and these moments from an iconic career demonstrate why. The First Hit It took Jeter nearly four years to break into the majors, but when he did, he brought it. He was the missing piece of the puzzle for the 1996 championship team in his first full season, but his first hit came in 1995 against the Seattle Mariners. The Phantom Homer On the way to the 1996 World Series, the Yankees met the Baltimore Orioles in the American League Championship Series. The face-off started off with a controversial bang, as JeterБs opposite-field home run in Game 1 was shown to have been scooped into the stands from above the right-fielderБs glove by 12-year-old fan Jeffrey Maier. A Leadoff Subway Series Homer The first World Series of the new millennium was an all-New York affair. The Yankees got off to a 2-0 series lead but dropped the first game at Shea Stadium to the Mets. Then came Game 4, and manager Joe TorreБs decision to make Jeter the leadoff man. No. 2 did the rest, and the Yankees were on their way to a 4-1 series win. The Flip Jeter was always clutch, and not just in the batterБs box. In the 2001 ALDS, the Yankees led the Oakland Athletics 1-0 in the seventh inning. Terrence Long lined one into the right-field corner and Jeremy Giambi, running from first base, looked certain to score after the throw from right field missed the cutoff man. Then Jeter intervened. Mr. November The 2001 playoffs were pushed back a week after 9/11. As Game 4 of the World Series headed to extra innings at Yankee Stadium, the clock struck midnight and we saw November baseball for the first time. Jeter stepped up and hit a walk-off home run off the Arizona DiamondbacksБ Byung-hyun Kim, tying the series for a great city watching with a heavy heart. The Dive Another chapter from the great rivalry between the Yanks and the Boston Red Sox went to extra innings at Yankee Stadium in July 2004.

In the 13th inning, a Red Sox batter popped one down left field line and Jeter went to get it. He caught both the ball and a bleacher to the face as he dove into the stands. The Yankee Hit Record Jeter currently holds the Yankee record for stolen bases, and in 2009, he earned the hits record, as well. He singled to right field to pass the great Lou Gehrig, one of just a handful of better players to wear the pinstripes. HereБs what it looked like from the stands. 3,000 The 3,000-hit club is the definition of exclusive. Twenty-eight men have reached the mark in the history of American professional baseball. Two of them did it with a home run. One of those was Jeter, who in 2011 homered off of Tampa Bay pitcher David PriceБwinner of the Cy Young Award the following yearБand wrote his name on a special page of the history books. The Б Derek Jeter Day Б Speech The Yankees couldnБt be sure of how their season was going to end in 2014, though they were always a long shot for the playoffs. They wanted to be sure that JeterБwho had he would retire at the end of the seasonБwould be properly honored and that the fans would have their chance to say goodbye, so they christened September 7 БDerek Jeter Day. Б The captain had the opportunity to address the crowd and Yankees faithful everywhere. The Walk-Off Goodbye The script, it seemed, was written. September 25 was JeterБs last game at Yankee Stadium, and the fans had been chanting his name for what felt like three hours straight. David Robertson had contrived to give up two home runs in the top of the ninth to allow the Orioles to tie the score, and now Jeter was up with the game on the line and a runner on second. No one had any doubts, but it took everyoneБs breath away all the same. So long to a winner, a superstar, a gentleman, and a Yankee.

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