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Dehydration During Pregnancy: Signs, Symptoms and Prevention
Should you be concerned about dehydration during pregnancy? The answer is yes. Dehydration is the result of your body losing water faster than you are taking it in. It is a serious issue for the health and wellness of anyone, but for pregnant women, it is especially important to stay well-hydrated. As a pregnant woman, you need more water than the average person, since water plays an important role in the healthy development of your baby. Water helps to form the placenta, which is what your baby relies on to receive nutrients during pregnancy. Water is also used to form the amniotic sac later in your pregnancy. Therefore, it is important to avoid dehydration during pregnancy. A common sign of dehydration is Бmaternal overheating. Б Having adequate water in your system will help you regulate your body heat; however, if you are not drinking enough water during pregnancy, you can be prone to overheating.


A sign of being well-hydrated is having a clear urine color, as opposed to dark yellow. If your urine is dark yellow, thatБs a sign you need to increase your water intake. Dehydration during pregnancy can lead to serious pregnancy complications, including neural tube defects, inadequate breast milk production, and even. These risks, in turn, can lead to due to lack of water and nutritional support for your baby. How Can I Prevent Dehydration While Pregnant? Drinking plenty of water (at least 8-12 glasses a day) is key to preventing dehydration. б In addition, there are other steps you can take to make sure you and your baby are well-hydrated. Avoiding products that contain is a good idea, as caffeine can increase your urine output, thus leading to dehydration. Another way to prevent dehydration is to avoid activities that can cause overheating, such as or spending a lot of time in a hot environment. Exercise is considered healthy for expecting mothers, but strenuous exercise and lack of water intake can lead to dehydration.


Sources: Mayo Clinic Б Dehyrdration. Livestrong The Effects of Dehydration in Pregnant Women on the Baby: THURSDAY, Aug. 20, 2015 (HealthDay News) — A severe in pregnancy can sometimes be a warning sign that a woman and her baby are in danger, researchers report. \” during are quite common, but it is not always easy to distinguish between a recurring, preexisting condition and a caused by a pregnancy complication,\” lead author Dr. Matthew Robbins, director of inpatient services at Montefiore\’s Center in New York City, said in a Montefiore news release. \”Our study suggests that physicians should pay close attention when a pregnant woman presents with a severe, especially if she has elevated or lack of past headache history,\” added Robbins, chief of neurology at Weiler Hospital. Robbins is also an associate professor of clinical neurology at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City.

The researchers found that these women may be at risk for and other pregnancy complications. Preeclampsia tends to occur in the second or of pregnancy. Symptoms can include, blurry vision or, the researchers said. If the condition is severe, premature delivery may be necessary, they explained. The investigators analyzed the medical records of 140 pregnant women, average age 29, with headache who were referred for a neurological consultation at Montefiore Health System\’s Jack D. Weiler Hospital in New York City over a five-year period. Most of the women were black or Hispanic. Women who had and experienced a severe headache were 17 times more likely to experience pregnancy complications, while having no history of raised the risk fivefold, the study found. The findings were published online Aug. 19 in the journal Neurology. Copyright 2015 HealthDay. All rights reserved.

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