why do we celebrate christ the king


The title of the feast was \”Domini Nostri Jesu Christi Regis\” (Our Lord Jesus Christ the King), and the date was established as \”the last Sunday of the month of October the Sunday, that is, which immediately precedes the Feast of
\”. In \’s of the Calendar in 1960, the date and title were unchanged but, according to the simplification of the ranking of feasts, it was classified as a feast of the first class.


In his of 1969, amended the title of the Feast to \”D. N. Iesu Christi universorum Regis\” (Our Lord Jesus Christ King of the Universe). He also moved it to the new date of the final Sunday of the liturgical year, before the commencement of a new liturgical year on the First Sunday of (the earliest date for which is 27 November). Through this choice of date \”the importance of this Sunday is made clearer\”.

He assigned to it the highest rank of \”solemnity\”. In the extraordinary form, as happens with all Sundays whose liturgies are replaced by those of important feasts, the prayers of the Sunday on which the celebration of the feast of Christ the King occurs are used on the (weekdays) of the following week. The Sunday liturgy is thus not totally omitted.

In 2018, the Solemnity day falls on 25 November for those using the ). The for the day are colored white or gold, in keeping with other joyous feasts honoring Christ. Feast of Christ the King, also called Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe, festival celebrated in the Church in honour of as lord over all creation. Essentially a magnification of the, it was established by Pope in 1925.

Originally, it was celebrated on the last Sunday in October, but in the revised liturgical by Pope in 1969 it was moved to the last Sunday of Ordinary Time (immediately preceding ), where its theme of Christs dominion made it a fitting end to the liturgical year. The festival is also observed in, and other churches.

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