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What does it mean when you dream about someone? For some reason, almost everything we see in our dreams is encoded in symbols. For example, if you re afraid of losing your job, chances are you will not see yourself thinking about that in the dream. You could even have the famous dream of losing an important exam. Or, you could simply. If you feel guilty for the things you did against your values, culture or religion, you may dream that you re falling. So most of the dreams are encoded in symbols rather than a direct representation of your thoughts. Like everything in the dream is in the form of symbols, dream about someone can be a symbol of someone else. It is critical to understand that people in your dreams have an important psychological significance, no matter how little time they appear or the role they represent. You might consider keeping a diary of your dreams containing every crucial detail as possible to study in the future. As you know, a dream that seems more real than reality often becomes a blur a few hours later. typically represents your characteristics. A dream involving your aunt having a car accident or maybe an urgent situation could indicate that a part of your personality could be little used. If your aunt is in your dream, but not as an active participant, might suggest that you re not allowing your positive characteristics to be displayed in the real world. Historically, it has been thought that a
of a person bodes well. If you have good feelings toward anyone in the real world, dreaming of that person after he has died is a tremendous experience. Dreaming of loved ones who have died is considered a way to cheat death, even for a moment. At the same time, there is an, even more, sinister about the dead in dreams look. A dream that shows a person who has been ill or an individual who displeases you is often an indication that you are afraid of what the future holds for you.


What does it mean when you dream about someone you like, with whom you are in love Often the presence of the can be an indication of your level of passion for them. When there is an urgent situation with the person you love could indicate that your life is losing steam. If you ever find your beloved with someone else, it may be that no longer feel so passionate about your daily life compared to those around you. You must not misinterpret a dream that shows your partner being unfaithful as proof of his true infidelity. Dreams seem extraordinarily real and promote feelings in real life that have nothing to do with the context. Keep a journal with specifics. You have an effort to remember who s/he was, what clothes they wore, what time of day it was,В and also remember the objects, etc. What does it mean when you dream about someone, a work colleague If you, but not in the general work context, it indicates the person is an aspect of yourself. Maybe your boss is in a party of your cousin, along with your fifth-grade teacher and the person who sold goods yesterday. This could mean that your cousin was yourself when you were a kid, and your boss is you now. The teacher could simply be the blink of an eye to the past and the seller to the present. Often the most mundane details have more meaning for individuals. Recording details are crucial for interpreting dreams. If we dream В of finding someone making a mistake means that we are afraid of encountering surprises. В If we dream of findingВ someone making an error because of another person means not wanting to face our real problems. If we dream of the presence of someone who is at home or in the room it means that you must control their feelings not to get in evidence. For this, it is possible that we have to fight with someone who wants to do harm. If we dream of someone we like it means that a person who has reached deep into our lives and our thoughts analyzed the relationship we have with that person and how far we can go.

If we dream that we kiss someone means we want to improve things with that person because we had problems, and also do this because we have a solid relationship. If we dream of kissing someone we love means we want to be with that person and kiss him/her as s/he has totally fallen in love. If we dream that we want to kill someone means we want to transfer our problems to that person, so much hate! Usually, this type of dreams is given to our enemies or people who want to look bad all the time. If we dream that we mourn means that you are unable to let go your past. If you are grieving the death of someone and you dream about it and suffer, means that this is a way to face the pain and anguish to release all that we have inside. Dreams can be mysterious, strange, confusing, or even amusing. Have you ever shared a dream with your friends and noticed that many people report having the same or similar types of dreams? According to dream researcher Calvin Hall, who collected and analyzed more than 10,000 dreams, the majority of our dreams tend to reflect concerns about daily life. Money, school, work, family, friends, and health are just a few of the most common things that people dream about. What researchers have also noticed is that there are a number of dream themes that tend to be quite common across different cultures. Events such as being chased, falling, or being naked in public are surprisingly common among people from all over the world. What Other Discoveries Have Dream Researchers Made? People tend to dream about negative events a lot more frequently than they do about positive events. For example, people are more likely to dream about an attack or an argument than a friendly exchange with another person.

External stimuli often influence dreams. For example, a in a really hot room might dream about being in a sauna or being trapped in a sweltering desert with no water. If your alarm clock goes off, you might simply incorporate the noise into the story of your dream rather than actually waking to the sound. Men s dreams tend to contain more aggression, but women are more likely to dream about being the victims of aggression or a physical attack. So what are some of the most common things that people dream about? In one study that looked at differences between the dream content of American students and Japanese students, researchers found that: Being chased or physically attacked was the most common dream event for both American and Japanese students. The rest of the top five dream themes were falling, repeating an action over and over, school-related, for example, about teachers, students or homework, and being frozen with fear. Other common dream events for students in both cultures included sex, being late for an important event, seeing deceased people as if they were alive and the death of loved ones. Surprisingly, some of the least common dream themes included flying, failing an exam and being naked. The next time you have what seems like a really unusual dream, remember this: you re definitely not alone. There are a lot of books out there that try to interpret the symbolic imagery of dreams in order to search for hidden, unconscious meanings. But in all probability, your dream probably relates to some element of your daily life and it most likely shares common elements with many other people s dreams. Do you want to learn more about dreams? Then don t miss these: Empson, J. (2002) Sleep and dreaming ed. ). New York: Palgrave/St. Martin s Press. Hall, C. S. Van de Castle, R. L. (1966). Content analysis of dreams. New York: Appleton-Century-Crofts.

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