why do we cough when we smoke weed


Yea, i realize theres a disagreement of all stoner common knowledge and what i said. For me, when i first started i couldn t touch anything with water- it seemed to tear me up. However, i think it was really the larger hit factor causing the problems. I totally agree with you that the likely culprit is the expansion of the smoke as it heats up from bong to lungs and back out. I can now rip on whatever and be fine, but recently one of my buddies has started having trouble with water implements again. My advice then, i suppose, should be to try out different pieces, but be careful to think about how much smoke your actually sucking down when you ve got water involved. Don t be surprised if they destroy your lungs and throat the first few times you use them since you aren t used to it.


Also, with bongs that aren t a straight tube the entire way down, (like kontroversies roor which has an erlemyer flask type bottom, or bubble bottomed bongs) its really easy to get a bigger rip than you bargained for depending on the angle you hold the bong at. I d have to take some pictures to explain it well so instead ill just say- be careful, take it slow, and get a feel for it.
Yes — coughing real bad and hacking is certanly an indication that you are. as you so elequently put it fuquing up your body. As pointed out — you are irritating the bronchial tubes, airways and brobchii of your lungs through the introduction of buringing particulate matter also known as smoke.

You are also irritating the mucous membranes of the throat, nasal passages and sinuses. Repeated irritation can lead to chronic cough — and continuing irritation can allow the tissues to become more susceptible to bacterial infections leading to upper respiratory infections which can lead to bronchitis and bacterial pneumonia. But the body is a remarkable thing — and mankind has been breathing in smoke in one form or another for a few millenia — say since we learned to create fire. And we have been purposely inhaling smoke from plant matter as soon as we realized that some smoke made us feel all kinds of good.

We have developed certain mechanisms to renew our bodies and recover from smoke inhalation — so you if you smoke in moderation and attempt NOT to hack up a lung, you should be all right. Unlike cigarette tobacco smoke which contains heavy chemicals and radioactive compounds, cannabis smoke is benign and is not carcinogenic. If you do find that you cough a lot from smoking — take a run over to your doctor — you probably have a minor sinus infection or something causing a post nasal drip — an annoying but easily treated condition — and it will really be much nicer for you and your smoking buds to not hack up that lung into the palm of your hand on each go round.

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