why do we cough when smoking weed


Yes — coughing real bad and hacking is certanly an indication that you are. as you so elequently put it fuquing up your body. As pointed out — you are irritating the bronchial tubes, airways and brobchii of your lungs through the introduction of buringing particulate matter also known as smoke. You are also irritating the mucous membranes of the throat, nasal passages and sinuses. Repeated irritation can lead to chronic cough — and continuing irritation can allow the tissues to become more susceptible to bacterial infections leading to upper respiratory infections which can lead to bronchitis and bacterial pneumonia. But the body is a remarkable thing — and mankind has been breathing in smoke in one form or another for a few millenia — say since we learned to create fire. And we have been purposely inhaling smoke from plant matter as soon as we realized that some smoke made us feel all kinds of good. We have developed certain mechanisms to renew our bodies and recover from smoke inhalation — so you if you smoke in moderation and attempt NOT to hack up a lung, you should be all right.


Unlike cigarette tobacco smoke which contains heavy chemicals and radioactive compounds, cannabis smoke is benign and is not carcinogenic. If you do find that you cough a lot from smoking — take a run over to your doctor — you probably have a minor sinus infection or something causing a post nasal drip — an annoying but easily treated condition — and it will really be much nicer for you and your smoking buds to not hack up that lung into the palm of your hand on each go round.
Hi Mumma Weed, Why is it that in American stoner flicks people always cough when they smoke good weed? This confuses me cause I am from across the pond i. e. the UK and in ol blighty we only ever cough if the weed is really bad. Being a stoner, I have discussed this at length with other stoners and the general consensus is that the weed in America is crap compared to the weed in the Queen s country.

Basically all you can get in America is crap weed, so Americans think that coughing is normal. So, why is it that Americans cough a lot when smoking weed? Eternally high, Scooby-Doo Dear Scooby, I totally get where you are coming from. If you watch American movies, they do show folks having massive coughing fits after taking a rip off or smoking a spliff. So, kudos for your keen eye while. imagine stoners to be like. A lot of the time, these scenes feature people who are getting high for their first time, so they tend to overdo it on the coughing, the idea being that a total newbie has no idea how much to inhale on a first bong rip and then bursts into a fit of coughs. Also, a lot of the time a pot-smoking scene is there for humor, and a big old coughing fit plays into that. In reality, Americans don t cough more than Brits or Europeans do in general. Granted, I m not aware of any that will back me up when I say that, but then again, I m not aware of any that disprove me, so. , American cannabis has become, so we can t fault crappy weed for all the coughing in movies, but regardless of or starting quality of your marijuana or which side of the pond you re on there are some things that you can do to cough less, if that is an issue: Take smaller hits.

That sounds like an obvious solution, but you d be surprised how many people take huge hits thinking it will get them high faster. Smaller hits are just fine and can prevent a massive coughing fit. Pop some ice in your bong water. This will make your pull incredibly smooth, decreasing the likelihood of coughing. Vaporize! will certainly decrease the chances of coughing fits as you re. Of course, there are also those who prefer coughing when they smoke, because when you do, you re actually opening up more of your lungs, allowing the THC to be more easily absorbed into your system. Just keep in mind that you re also allowing any harsh irritants or pollutants into your lungs at a higher rate as well.

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