why do the tops of my feet itch at night


CM did you try the Epsom salt foot soak? I know that in Chinese medicine, very often, toxins show up in the feet, since we live our lives upright and not prone!!! Chinese med uses foot patches to remove toxins, and some healthfood stores have them. But I wonder if the Epsom Salt and the Witch Hazel would work, along with a good detox bath and Activated Charcoal. Also, and although I haven\’t done this I have seen it done very successfully.


You could do an Activated Charcoal or Bentonite Clay patch. Here is a site explaining how to make the poultice and patch. It is the link directly to the page. Hope you find some relief. I get it on my scalp and face. I use an activated charcoal body cleanser, and Neem shampoo. It keeps the itching under control.
Hi, Becky. I, too, am a nurse. Was a working nurse.


Not anymore. This site has taught me more than any amount I learned while practicing nursing. Great references, articles, and hearing other people going through similar situations always helps. This may sound odd, but my mom has a host of medical issues (not including RA) and has the same issue. Extreme itching to her lower legs and feet mostly just at night. She found something that works every time- pouring rubbing alcohol over the area.

She goes through a lot of alcohol, but sits on her stool, puts her legs in the tub, and just pours it over. She says it instantly works and lasts usually all night. Haven\’t really thought of any downfall to it, other than the possibility of it drying out the skin, especially if it\’s already dry. Try it! Let me know if it worked for you. Thanks,

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