why do we consider blood as a connective tissue


Name the components of the formed elements in the blood and mention one major function of each of them. Q2 What is the importance of plasma proteins? (b) RBC. Q4 Why do we consider blood as a connective tissue? What is the difference between lymph and blood? What is meant by double circulation? What is its significance? (b) Open and Closed system of circulation
Q8 Describe the evolutionary change in the pattern of heart among the vertebrates.


Q9 Why do we call our heart myogenic? Q10 Sino-atrial node is called the pacemaker of our heart. Why? Q11 What is the significance of atrio-ventricular node and atrio-ventricular bundle in the functioning of heart? Q12 Define a cardiac cycle and the cardiac output. Q13 Explain heart sounds.

Q14 Draw a standard ECG and explain the different segments in it. It s not that scientists aren t hung up on definitions, but rather that they are less concerned about the lay implications of a definition. Connective tissue has a specific scientific definition, and blood meets that definition. That the word connective tissue suggests something unblood-like in normal speech might be a wrinkle in casual conversation, but to the extent that connective tissue is a scientifically meaningful category, there s no need to change the word for that reason.

Still might be a good idea to change it to make things more understandable generally, but the real pressure only comes in if the word messes with accuracy.

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