why do the steelers have new uniforms


Even though the Killer Bs will likely be intact for the next year, the. Steelers owner Art Rooney II said that the team will have new throwback uniforms in 2018, officially killing the dream for the bumblebees to make a return. The Steelers hadn\’t worn them since 2016. \”We are going to wear a new throwback jersey,\” Rooney said, per the
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, adding that the jerseys would be unveiled some time in the next few months but declining to specify on the aesthetic. With this in mind, the Steelers don\’t have a ton of options for throwbacks.


They\’re a team pretty heavily steeped in tradition. There\’s a nonzero chance we\’ll see the triumphant return of the Batman uniforms from the \’60s, when the yellow was an accent on the shoulders. The only way this would be acceptable is if \”na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na\” plays on loop for every time time hesitates. P The Steelers haven\’t done a whole lot in the past, but the divisiveness of the bumblebee uniforms is behind them. It would be awesome to see the Batman uniforms come back, but who knows.


Maybe they just wanted to make the stripes vertical for a slimming effect. P Can we just ditch the whole throwback thing altogether? All of these uniforms suck. This was a gimmick originated in the 90 s to celebrate the NFL 75th anniversary. It s tired and stupid. Some of these get ups are downright embarrassing, the Steelers Bumble Bee Convict example being the worst. What sucks is when a really good or historic game is played when a team is deck out in one of this Cosplay getups and we are then doomed for years to what highlights, distracted and embarrassed by a marketing scheme run amok, years after it became nothing more than a joke.

So, the 100th Anniversary of the NFL is just a few years down the road. What will they come up with for that? The throwbacks are already old news? So maybe leather helmets (CTE be damned? ) Or let s return to two-way players and mandate that all teams adopt the Single Wing offense for one game. Or. why just sew a patch on the sleeve on every team s regular uniform and just play some damned football!!

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