why do we gain weight after marriage


Weight gain problem is the biggest problem among women and this problem becomes a headache after marriage. You definitely have heard, people talking about sudden increase in their weight after their marriage. According to a study published in a daily journal БThe ObesityБ, 82% couples gains weight up to 5-10 kgs after 5 years of their marriage and this increase of weight is mostly seen among women. Some people say, this weight increases due to hormonal changes occur when you come under a new relationship. But this is not the only reason behind weight gain of women after marriage. So, on this note letБs check out the major reasons which contribute in the weight gain of women after marriage. 1. Hormonal changes
Lifestyle of ladies changes after marriage and this leads to the hormonal changes among women. So, this becomes the foremost reason of weight gain among women. 2. Carelessness Before marriage, girls give more attention to their looks and weight and do exercise regularly. But after marriage they get busy in their life and because of this it becomes tough for them to take care of themselves. 3. Lack of sleep After marriage, time and pattern of sleeping of girls change after marriage. Many of the time they donБt get proper sleep and lack of sleeping is the biggest reason of weight gain among girls. 4. Change in preference After marriage, girls changes their preference, girls make their routine according to their husband and other family members. And because of this, they canБt get time for themselves and this lead to their weight gain. 5.


Outside food Newlywed couples mostly go out for dinners and launch and consume food of high calories and this increases fat near stomach area in women. 6. Age Now-a-days, most of the people get married at the age between 28-30 years. According to study, after the age of 30, metabolic rate of our body decreases which leads to weight gain of our body. 7. Stress Marriage is the toughest job for women as they have to get adjusted at some other place. Many of the time, girls find difficulty in adjusting in the new house. Due to which they start taking stress and starts eating more because of stress and this results in increase of their weight. 8. Social Pressure Before marriage, our closer one keeps telling us to look beautiful. But after marriage this pressure is become negligible so women start avoiding their fitness. 9. Pregnancy This is another important reason of weight gain among women. Most of the couples start their family planning in just 1-2 years of their marriage. After pregnancy most of the women donБt even try to lose weight after giving birth to babies. 10. Watching TV After marriage girls spend most of their time in gossiping with their new family and watch more TV with other family members and this leads to gain weight. All you newly-weds, don\’t be surprised if you suddenly put on weight. Here\’s why. The wedding is over and itБs time to settle down in your new home, learn new rules of the house and adjust living with a new set of people. Though most brides-to-be go on a weight loss diet to look stunning on D-Day, they often tend to put on weight post marriage. б also supports the claim that couples put on weight once they tie the knot.


If you are newly-wed and wondering what the cause of your expanding waistline is, here are a few answers. Celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar in her book БWomen The Weight Loss TamashaБ explains a few reasons why this happens especially with women. Your diet goes for a toss Weddings take a toll on your body as you eat meals made in bulk for hundreds of people and at weird hours. Right after the exhausting three-day long affair you go for your honeymoon trip where you again eat outside food. Not just this, since itБs a new house, you have to adjust to the daily schedule which adds to the stress. A bad diet combined with stress means loss of nutrition. So, essentially, you gorge on calories but do not give your body the essential nutrients. This results in deficiency of vitaman B, calcium, etc. leading to cravings at odd hours and lack of energy. And you wonder why you have suddenly put on 5 kilos. Read Your eating habits change Perhaps the first thing a newly married woman has to do is to cook for her new family. Your body is used to a certain style of cooking in terms of the spices used, the taste, etc. But you are likely to change this to impress your in-laws and hubby and adopt their cooking methods. Your body reacts to this by altering your digestive pattern. And if it is an inter-cultural marriage, you perhaps have to change your food habits completely. A Punjabi woman married to a Bengali man would suddenly have to start eating rice and fish post marriage.


All these changes cause weight gain. You eat out more often The Бnewly marriedБ tag means you have the freedom to go out and binge every weekend, sometimes weekdays too! Not just that, you have several dinner parties to attend to get to know the extended family, friends, relatives, family friends, etc. So more often than not, at least one of your meals is outside food which is often rich in calories and low in nutrition. And saying no to these invites is usually not an option. All these soon reflect on your waistline. Your priorities change Admit it, when you were single you could easily get your way but afterб marriage, you often have to step down and let go of your choices. Your priorities change and you are often last on your own list. So you are either cooking your hubbyБs favourite dish or eating leftovers because you don t want to waste food. Managing work, household chores, kids, etc. coupled with a hazy eating pattern can leave you feeling exhausted. You are likely to indulge in cravings for the lack of satisfaction from your meals and put on weight. You care less Before the wedding, it is all about looking stunning which means hours in the gym, portion control, and so on. But once the wedding is over and responsibility strikes, your health takes a backseat. Women often let go and do not bother much about their bodies or fitness. Gym hour is replaced byб cooking hour and diet as we mentioned goes for a toss. All these changes make you put on weight post marriage.

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