why do toenails fall off after running


Toenails. They are something we do not typically think about very often. But if you or someone you know has ever lost one after becoming a serious runner, it is something you might think about a lot more. Ouch! For many runners, losing toenails is just something that happens. Toenails usually take about six months to grow back, and when they do grow back, the new nail is thicker than the old nail. Runners donБt really think about ways to stop it from happening. Fortunately, there are things you can do to prevent this painful and unsightly loss of toenail. How can runners protect their toenails? Focus on your shoes The first way to avoid losing your toenails is to make sure you have the right shoes. You should have the width of a thumb between the tip of your toe and the front of your running shoe. Doctors also recommend wearing two pairs of socks for your long runs. on your toenails before you put on your running shoes.


They say itБs the best kind of moisturizer on the market. Doctors also say you can try coconut oil to moisten the nail and tea tree oil to combat fungus. Eat healthy When you donБt eat nutritious foods, it can make your nails weaker. Also, it wonБt help your running either! Keep your toenails БsquareБ When you get a pedicure or do your toenails yourself, you tend to get a round-shaped nail. ThatБs not what you want if youБre a runner. Go for the square-shaped toenail. Tend to your injured toenails immediately If you take off your shoes and see a gross toenail (i. e. black and blue), you should tend to it. Quickly. You need to clean your toenails, then treat with an antibiotic cream or ointment. After, soak your feet in peppermint tea. It reduces the oxygenless blood under the nail. You can also try soaking your toenails in epsom salt.

Keep the nail on DonБt try to pull your toenail off yourself. Trust us. If itБs hanging on and causing problems, try taping it up first before you call your doctor and have it removed by a pro. If you absolutely have to pull it off yourself, snip it. Carefully. Care for your nail, even when itБs not there When your nail is gone, you need to use a topical antifungal on the spot where the nail once was. When your new nail is growing back, try using a buffer along with moisturizers to thin out the new nail since it will likely be thicker than your old one. If you or someone you know is losing toenails because of running, call or stop by an Urgent Care clinic today for help.
БI see people for this all the time,Б says Suzanne Levine, MD, a Park Avenue podiatrist who offers Бfoot facialsБ at Institute Beaute and author of My Feet Are Killing Me.

БLong-distance running is the number one culprit, but I see it in skiers, tennis players, and ballroom dancers who wear high heels. Б (She tended to the two I knocked off descending Kilimanjaro. ) What happens is that inflexible shoes rub off the toenail, making it separate from the nail bed. БItБs like a hammer repeatedly hitting the nail,Б says Dr. Levine. Trauma is occurring to the nail matrix (the place the nail grows from). Eventually the nail plate pops off. (Sorry, TMI? ) Lost toenails grow back, of course, but it takes six months. (And if the injury has damaged the nail matrix, the new nail will be thicker. ) Since injured nails often donБt come off immediately, walking around with bruised, loose nails that you know are going to fall off (hopefully not in yoga class) is not much fun. Neither is getting in infection, which youБre at risk of as well.

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