why does my dog lick his pee


If he\’s been drinking a lot of water, seems thirsty, urinating more frequently, and the urine has a stronger odor than usual, then it may be due to a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI). I\’ve never had one of my dogs do this, but it\’s what I\’ve heard. The only other thing would be if the dog wasn\’t getting enough water to drink, and was becoming dehydrated. It shouldn\’t be harmful for him to drink it, but if it were me, I\’d head to the vet and get him checked out. or at least collect a urine sample, and see if they\’ll run a test on it without the dog present.


Once a medical condition is ruled out, you can just try to discourage the behavior by watching him and being nearby when he goes out, and then correcting him with a \’no\’ or \’leave it\’ command. Maybe you can run a bit of water over it with the hose, so he gets the idea, and isn\’t so tempted.
Your problem to the dog is not a problem.


What you have here is a dog using an organ in the roof of its mouth, which humans (thank god) do not possess. This organ does something which is rather strange, the nearest thing I can get in a description is that it allows them to taste scent. which allows dogs to analyze scent in a way which we cannot even begin to imagine. Horses also have this ability, and if you see a horses lifting its lips whilst showing all of its teeth, it is likely to be utilizing this organ. don\’t ask me for the correct spelling is goes something vermonasal organ!

This occurs a lot with un-neutered male dogs who are inclined to be hyper-sexual. In fact in my training class this morning, we have a little West Highland Terrier who comes, and he sniffs and licks at the ground, particularly if a nice little girlie dog has walked ahead of him. Really to stop this problem you have to be VERY drastic to the point of cruelty in the way of punishment, and I certainly do not advocate such things. although there are people out there who will. obviously anything like that can and will most likely cause long term psychological harm because the dog will learn to fear its own drives which doesn\’t bear thinking about.

The other solution would be to have the dogs \’nuts\’ removed and then wait for the hormone levels to lower. Hope this helps.

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