why do tires lose air pressure in cold weather


Why Do Your Tires Lose Air During Cold Weather? by November 23, 2017 10:06 AM
If you re like me, over the past few days you ve been adding air to your tires. Heck, I had one go completely flat on me, but there was absolutely nothing wrong with it. Chances are your tires are fine, it s just the recent turn in colder temperatures. Why does this happen? There s a very simple explanation. Air expands when it heats up. Conversely, it also shrinks when it gets cold, thus causing the air pressure in your tires to drop.


Air pressure inside tires drops one to two pounds for every 10 degrees of outside temperature, according to the Rubber Manufacturers Association. OK, technically the air doesn t shrink, the colder temperatures just cause the molecules to slow down, causing the drop in tire pressure. When heated, the molecules bounce around, creating higher pressure in your tire. So what can you do? Nothing really, other than having a stack of quarters handy.

However, make sure you don t lose too much air because it can break the seal between the tire and the rim and you ll have to get it professionally re-sealed. CLEVELAND, Ohio — Losing tire pressure in your car in the winter is a right of passage for Northeast Ohioans. The first time temperatures really cool down, you might return to your car to see the low tire pressure light come on. Why exactly is this happening? On the Radar this week, we examined the scientific relationship between temperature and pressure within a tire.

On the Radar last week, we traveled to the Ohio Department of Transportation facility in Warrensville Heights to talk about how their snow plow drivers prepare for the winter: Keep checking cleveland. com/weather for daily weather updates for Northeast Ohio, and don\’t forget to submit any weather questions you may have! Kelly Reardon is cleveland. com\’s meteorologist. Please follow me on Facebook and Twitter.

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