why do things happen the way they do


Are you experiencing something in your life that has you wondering, \”What is going on? \” Maybe you feel like giving up – like throwing in the towel? P Its not always easy to believe things we cannot see and often cannot even feel. P We are tempted to think our time is being wasted and that GOD doesnt know where we are and what were going throughPP or that He doesnt care. P However, we can rest assured that GOD is carefully watching over the lives of His children, and He often uses our tough times to help us grow and bring us from where we are to where we want to be. Many times, we want a testimony but we dont want to go through the test. P Know that GOD has only good things in mind for us and that He wants to bless us.


P He uses the periods of testing in our lives to help us mature and prepare us for promotion. P When we are steadfast and achieve a personal victory in our trials, we have a victory that Satan can never take away from us!
Certain circumstances can make us question our whole and entire existence. We wonder what we ve done for things to happen the way they do. Why did I get sick? Why did I get adopted? Why did my spouse leave me? Why did I loose my job? Why does life keep messing with me? Why can t I get anything right? We wonder why bad things happen to good people or innocent children.


It is hard for us humans to objectify our experience because it is difficult for us to perceive beyond whatever meets the eye. However, in order to understand why things happen the way they do, we have to be willing to objectify our existence for the answers to come out clearly And we have to be opened to receive and accept the answers even if they don t make sense The only place we can find those answers is in the spiritual realm. But to receive answers, we have to understand that the Universe logic works differently than ours It is another reality in this multidimensional world. There is no good or bad.

What we perceive as causalities are often teachings. Once you understand this universal notion you will be able to rise your frequencies and tune in your internal vibrations to receive your answers. So why do things happen the way they do? It is something I answer on! You can unlock Why do Things Happen The Way They Do? by becoming a and receive so much more exclusivity! But of course, as always, I will deliver free content on WordPress because I love you so much р I have gathered inspirational quotes about why do things happen hoping you will find answers today! Hopefully you are having a wonderful Tuesday so far. Infinite peace and wisdom!

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