why do things change in a relationship


Be flexible and willing to accept some ambiguity. When you are faced with changes, it is impossible to know what might happen and trying to identify and think about every detail of a situation can be paralyzing. Instead, prepare as well as you reasonably can for a situation, and then take a step back. Deal with the challenges that come your way one at a time and be flexible enough to adapt as needed. For example, if you and your partner have to spend some time apart because one of you gets a job that requires lots of travel, then you might anticipate some challenges.


However, donБt try to identify every single possible challenge ahead of time and work out solutions to each one in advance. Instead, work out solutions to a few of the big challenges that you might face and then focus on other challenges as they arise. For example, you could come up with a plan for known challenges, such as child care, managing household tasks while the other is away, and communicating.

Having a plan for known challenges that you both agree on can help both of you feel like you have some structure even as you head into unknown territory.
19. As soon as you realise which friends are real \’keepers\’, do everything to keep them with you for a long long time. More than your family and boyfriend, it\’s true friends who you love, who are difficult to find. It takes you ages to realise that. Those friends who come back to you no matter what and no matter how much time it took, those are \’keepers\’.

Those who treat you the same way you treat them, those are keepers and those who never take you for granted (in a bad way), those are keepers. Those who never make excuses but always tell you the truth because they know you\’ll understand, those are KEEPERS. And every effort of yours towards them is more than just worth it. So, pay attention towards them because it\’s not easy to find such friends in life. In fact, it\’s the toughest thing on earth.

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