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Question 1. State any two conditions for good healthP
Answer: State of physical, mental and social well-being. Better surroundings or -environment. Question2. State any two conditions essential for being free of disease. Answer. Personal and -domestic. hygiene. Question 3. Are the answers to the above questions necessarily the same or different? Why? Answer: PThe answer to the above questions are different because a person may be free of disease but his mental, social or economical health may not be good. 1.


БHealthБ is a state of being well enough to function well physically, mentally, and socially. 2. БDiseaseБ ( disturbed ease) means being uncomfortable. One or more systems of the body will change, give rise to БSymptomsБ ( Cough, loose motions, pus formation, headache, fever, breathlessness, vomiting, fits, unconsciousness, inflammation, swelling and general effects – a Doctor look for the basis of symptoms).


Diseases are basically two types- Acute Disease & Chronic Disease 3. Acute Disease: The disease which lasts for only a short period of time is called Acute Disease Ex. Common Cold. 4. Chronic Disease: The disease which lasts for long period of time is called Chronic Disease Ex. Tuberculosis. 5. Causes of Diseases : Most of the diseases have many causes, rather than one single cause, like unclean water, nourishment, genetic differences, genetic abnormalities e. g.

Based on the causes diseases are of two types: Non-Infectious Diseases and Infectious Diseases. 6. Non-Infectious Diseases: Not caused by infectious agents, mostly internal and non- infectious cause. Ex. Cancer 7. Infectious Diseases: Caused by infectious agents. (Please refer Fig. 13. 1 (a-e), NCERT Text Book Page- 181). a)The infectious diseases spread by agents are called as Communicable Diseases.

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