why do we even have that lever

Try to make your posts as good as these ones. Bone Hurting Juice is about finding new ways of looking at template images. There are two important aspects of a Bone Hurting Juice post. The first is a creative observation about the base image you choose. The second is the expression of that observation in a way that pretends it s the intended meaning of the image. Imagine you re making a meme in an alternate universe where the template has a different established meaning based on your observation. The result of this process is often reminiscent the sort of meme that tends to be made by a young child who found a meme generator online without understanding the origin of the images on it, but Bone Hurting Juice posts should really have thought behind them. 1.

All posts must be on topic
Pay attention to and everything ll be jake, ok? You should also search for the Quality flair and try to understand the thought process behind the posts you find. 2. No reposts If your post has been seen on the subreddit before, it will simply be removed. If you did not make your post, try checking karmadecay. com and Google reverse image search. 3. Repeat offenders If you have your posts removed 5 times for any reason, then you will be banned permanently. 4.

Don t put your own watermark on your post You re allowed to add watermarks such as iFunny or 9gag for added comedic effect, but don t advertise your own social media account. 5. NSFW content and spoilers must be marked Reddit provides buttons to mark NSFW posts and spoilers. Please use them where applicable. 6. Use common sense The moderators reserve the right to remove any content which we deem to be detrimental to the subreddit. I would like to speak to my friends at Nabisco. But first, remember when Izma says to Kronk Why do we even HAVE that lever?! Look, I m a very busy guy.

I have lots to do. I want to be able to walk into my grocery store, grab the Oreos, and go home and eat them. Why do you even SELL regular Oreos? Why aren t Oreos, by default, Double Stuff? I don t want Oreos that go to eleven. I just want Oreos. But I want them stuffed, doubly. All the time. It s not a special treat that I get when I ve been good. I don t eat regular Oreos to punish myself. Please make all Oreos be double stuff. otherwise, we ll end up with lots of wafers laying around, looking for a home. [And don t tell me to make other confections with the wafers just don t. ]

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