why do virgo men disappear and come back


I am a Scorpio woman, and I am very interested in this Virgo man. The weird part is that we have never really met, he went to the same college as me for a while, a couple months after that, he randomly messaged me on msn, saying that he was drunk I know that Virgos usually aren\’t the type of signs that take risks like that, so I thought he really liked me. He said he would try really hard to come and see me that coming up weekend, I kind of do, but I\’m also insulted. Why does there need to be something exciting going on for us to hang out together?


He also invited along one of my friends, I guess so that maybe he wouldn\’t feel so awkward? The friend that is tagging along with us asked him why he is coming to see me and all he said was \”because. , ask her\” and he wouldn\’t say anything else. What does that mean? My question is, what\’s with all his disappearing behavior? I know that usually if a Virgo wants to do something, he will. So after the first and second disappearance, he still keeps on texting me and coming back, what\’s with him? and since it\’s our first time meeting, what can I do to make things feel comfortable?

How are you supposed to act around a Virgo anyways? Can you help me out?
Maybe it\’s a Virgo thing but realistically the behavior can be pulled by men of any astrological sign. Some men are like little boys, once they see they can get attention for doing the wrong thing the behavior never ends.

I fault mainly women who are clinging and/or desperate to stay attached and therefore will chunk her boundaries (that\’s if she ever had any boundaries to begin with) out the front door just to keep that particular man around even if the door is constantly revolving. The one mistake you made was setting up a faulty behavior pattern from the start. If you don\’t want to be the girl he falls back on from time to time when he feels like it then don\’t be that girl EVER, not in the beginning, not ever.

You don\’t have much wiggle room to negotiate therefore you can continue to be in this revolving door kind of friendship/fwb situation or you pull up your big girl panties and stop being open like 7 eleven which includes allowing him to have it his way like you\’re the drive through Burger King joint. Truth be told he\’s not doing anything wrong. He\’s just following your lead. If you\’re okay with him being in and out of your life then he\’s okay with that as well.

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