why do they call it white elephant


White elephant sales are typically organized by non-profit organizations such as churches and schools to raise money for a charity cause or a special occasion like or. They operate in a manner similar to. Members or friends of the organization holding the white elephant sale will donate old items which they no longer use, or otherwise no longer care to own. After items have been collected, a sale will be held, usually lasting more than one day in a public fte style. Volunteers often run checkouts, and organize the items to be sold. Items are sold at low prices, as many are obsolete, or useful to only certain people, and would not otherwise be sold.


White elephant sales are often useful to buyers and collectors, because they provide a way to purchase older and harder to find items. In the days before online auction and trading websites, white elephant sales, along with thrift stores,
and were popular ways to procure collectibles and odd items not available in retail stores. Where Did The Term –≤White Elephant Party–≤ Come From? by December 3, 2012 6:02 PM Vectorportal, Flickr Just about everyone has been to, or at least been invited to, a white elephant gift exchange party. (You know where everyone brings an unmarked, wrapped present and people sit in a circle choosing a present to open, or steal a present that has already been opened. ) But why the heck do we call it a white elephant party?

Well, the origin is debatable, but according to it originated in Asia. Basically, white elephants were considered sacred or holy. However, keeping and taking care of a white elephant was very costly. (We re talking, eat you out of house and home literally. ) Now, when a king in Asia didn t like somebody, he would give them a white elephant. You would think giving someone a holy creature would be a generous gift, but usually the cost of keeping the elephant would eventually put the recipient in financial ruin.

It was like passive-aggressiveness taken to a new level. This phenomenon made a white elephant to become known as a burdensome possession. Something that a person could not get rid of, but wasn t worth the cost it took to keep. So, I guess white elephant parties could have started as a way to passive-aggressively try to bankrupt someone you secretly hate. But, this brings us to the a : b : c : So, by definition, a white elephant party is more likely a worthless present exchange.

But that certainly sounds far less fun than a white elephant party, does it not? White elephant parties can be good as ice-breakers, or a fun way to exchange gag gifts for a few cheap laughs. Anyone who gets upset, or feels cheated at a white elephant gift exchange should probably be crossed off of your Christmas list. If you want some official rules on how to host a white elephant party, or just want to know what the heck to expect when you show up at one,. And here are some. Happy gifting, and re-gifting. What s the worst gift you ve ever seen at one of these parties? Picture by.

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