why do videos keep freezing on my laptop

As a last resort I thought I\’d just ask for help. Basically my laptop (Fujitsu, about 4-5 years old, running Windows 7, Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU, 4GB (3. 8GB available), 64-bit OS) is screwed. It used to run fine and I would watch Netflix with no trouble but recently it just freezes, constantly, like, I can only watch a few seconds of something before it starts to jump and then ultimately freezes which is frustrating beyond belief. I also get the occasional pop up. As well as this it seems to completely disregard my choice of homepage (I use Chrome) and always starts on a random page probably related to a virus that is installed.

So far I have tried going through Netflix\’s recommendations for this problem, no use. I have run every virus/malware scan I can think of (I have Avast Free Antivirus, I paid for the Grimefighter thing too), I tried Adblock, Housecall and most recently Malwarebytes (this found over 300 potential risks but didn\’t solve the problem). I changed Netflix\’s settings so I\’m not watching in HD. I uninstalled and reinstalled Microsoft Silverlight. I also ran a Microsoft Safety Scanner which took over 12 hours and didn\’t help, that is time I won\’t get back.

I regularly clean up temp files and run disk checks, my laptop has almost nothing on it because I don\’t even use it to play games. I don\’t have any other programs running in the background, just occasionally a tab with my emails or something. Please, for the love of god can someone help me? You can probably tell I don\’t know a whole lot about computers. I also don\’t want to spend any money if I can help it. Help me before I end up throwing a shoe at it. Thanks.
I don\’t have a laptop with the issue, but it is the exact same issue. Online media, Netflix, YouTube, Amazon all present the same symptoms described with the bsod and watchdog.

My PC is an Asus and from other searches I find realtek comes up a lot and it is the nic I have in my PC and I suspect it is also in your laptops. Asus doesn\’t list the driver as realtek on their site. I had to download all listed under my PC\’s support page and try them all to find the one that was a realtek driver. However, the problem still persists. My realtek nic is the 8821AE. Don\’t bother checking the realtek site, either, it\’s not there. My guess is that it is something that was made for Lenovo and Asus as I haven\’t found it mentioned elsewhere.

I don\’t think it is a result of insufficient system resources which one might assume if one had a laptop. My PC is a ROG with an Intel 6700 and a Nvidia 1070 and 16 gb of ram, however, I suffer the same problem as you good folks with the laptops. One thing did just come to me, however, and it might be the nic gets too hot. The Asus ROG case is a small form factor so perhaps that is what we all share in common. Finally found the link on the Realtek site for my wireless NIC. Check to see if it helps you too. It updates my driver from 2023. 55. 415. 2017 to 2023. 56. 0502. 2017

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