why do videos have a green screen


Unfortunately, I think this is one of those early adoption problems. The green screen is almost always related to hardware acceleration. First, just reboot. If there\’s an intermittent problem that causes the graphics hardware to occasionally get into a bad state, rebooting will at least get you going again for a while. If it starts doing the green-screen thing immediately after reboot, that\’s an interesting data point. I doubt that you can get to the settings menu when in Modern mode. We\’re severely restricted in Modern mode, and I believe that hardware acceleration is always on. Win8+ is still relatively new, and it\’s not widely adopted, so all of our time-tested support advice is geared for Win7 and below. You might want to try launching IE in desktop mode and trying the disable hardware acceleration instructions, but I\’m not sure that it will help.


Thanks for the feedback about the experience being confusing. We don\’t get a lot of Win8 questions at the moment, so there hasn\’t really been a lot of urgency around creating/modifying our guidance for it, but we definitely don\’t want to send people in circles like that. I totally appreciate your frustration, and we should be able to improve that experience without too much trouble. It seems to take a long time for graphics drivers to mature on new platforms — it\’s just a really difficult problem, so disabling hardware acceleration when it\’s not working is an important workaround. It\’s why we added the dialog in Win7 — we exposed a whole bunch of driver bugs when we turned on hardware acceleration across a billion-plus computers, and we wanted people to be able to work around it.

In the meantime, you might want to install a secondary browser to work around similar issues as you encounter them. Both Firefox and Chrome work on Win8. 1, and they each have a unique version of Flash Player. Firefox should definitely allow you to disable hardware acceleration through the traditional mechanism. Chrome will allow you to disable hardware acceleration across the whole browser through the Chrome settings, and I *think* you can disable it just for Flash through the standard UI, but I can\’t remember for sure off the top of my head. We may be in the same situation there where we don\’t have direct control over whether or not to leverage hardware when it\’s available.

If you can post a couple exact links to videos that reproduce this problem, I\’d be more than happy to take a look using our body of Win8. 1 machines to see if we can reproduce the problem. Thanks!
why do I just get a green screen when I hit the play arrow on a video? created by #Bugs in Using Flash Player – View the full discussionHi, Thanx for reporting the bug. It\’s a driver problem. Please try following steps:If there are current drivers available for your graphics hardware, you should update to them. See the instructions below for instructions on disabling hardware acceleration: disable the hardware acceleration and then try playing the videos. How to enable or disable software rendering in Internet Explorer. If the reply above answers your question, please take a moment to mark this answer as correct by visiting: and clicking Correct below the answer Replies to this message go to everyone subscribed to this thread, not directly to the person who posted the message.

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