why does my dog have black spots on her tongue


Growing up with a, I remember hearing people explain that the black spot on his tongue was the result of Chow Chow bloodlines somewhere in his breeding. Like most kids, I believed what I heard, but it turns out that black spots on a dog s tongue have a much simpler explanation than an inexplicable number of
crossings. What causes black spots on a dog s tongue? Black spots are simply pigmentation. Just like certain have darker points or spots, spots on a dog s tongue are merely pigmented skin cells. Points, in terms of dog coloring, refer to the lips, nose, eye rims, paw pads, and toenails of a dog. Many breeds have darker lips and noses, and that pigmentation can also be found in their tongues and gums.


What do black spots on a dog s tongue look like? Pigmented spots have the same texture as the rest of your dog s tongue, but the skin appears black or blue. These spots may change shape and color gradually over time, and are perfectly normal. Most dogs are either born with these spots or develop them when they are young. What dog breeds have black spots on their tongues? Some dog breeds, like the and the, require a blue-black tongue in the breed standard. Black spots, on the other hand, can appear in any breed, but are more common in breeds with black points. Are black spots ever a problem? Pigmented spots are normal. However, if the spots start to change rapidly or if the texture of the spot is raised or different than the rest of the tongue or gum, call your veterinarian.


Colors besides bluish black, and a foul odor, are also causes for concern, as they could be signs of a more serious problem. If you have any questions about the black spots on your dog s tongue, don t hesitate to ask your veterinarian. Your dog s black spot is usually nothing to worry about. It does not mean that your dog isn t purebred, or that there is something wrong with his tongue. What it does mean is that there is one more unique thing about him to love. Why does my dog have black tongue/black spots? Many assume that a black tongue, or black spots on a tongue, means that the dog must have part Chow Chow in it.


While this is an understandable mistake, it is still a mistake nonetheless. Chow Chows are not the only ones with black covered or spotted tongues. As a matter of fact, not all full-blooded Chow Chows have fully covered black tongues either! Most Chow Chow s have black tongues (the origin of their black tongues remains unknown); however, some Chow Chows never grow completely into their black tongues. So, what exactly does the black spots on my dog s tongue mean? Nothing. Just like humans have birthmarks, freckles, and blemishes, dogs also have such characteristics. These can be on their tongues, but dogs sometimes even have these marks on their skin, hidden under all that furry goodness.

The spots can range in size, shape, and color. So, the black/blue tongue or spots actually have no bearing on whether your dog has Chow Chow in it or not. Although, many Chow Chow experts will agree that a Chow Chow with no spots on its tongue at all, is most likely not a full-blooded Chow Chow at all. Breeds known to have members with spotted tongues: Does your pooch have a black tongue? Does he/she have black spots on her tongue? Share your pictures of your cute pooch and all their little spots that make them perfect. We love seeing pictures of those precious pups! Dogtube. US

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