why do they say new york football giants


When you hear an old school announcer say the phrase, \”The New York Football Giants,\” it may seem a bit redundant. But there\’s a reason for the longer name. In 1937, the Giants changed their name to the \”New York Football Giants\” to distinguish themselves from the New York Giants baseball team, which played its home games at Manhattan\’s Polo Grounds for nearly 70 years. Even though the Giants moved to San Francisco after the 1957 season, \”New York Football Giants, Inc. \” is still the legal name of the team,\” a friendly reminder in case you\’re watching the Giants in a particularly bad game and couldn\’t tell the sport for sure.
IБm curious as to why people continue to refer to New YorkБs NFC East franchise as the New York БFootballБ Giants?


Why not simply call them the New York Giants? There was once a need for this kind of disambiguation. ThatБs because the there was also a Major League Baseball team called the New York Giants. owever, in 1957, the New York БBaseballБ Giants moved to San Francisco.

That removed the necessity to distinguish between the football and baseball Giants. Yet people continue say New York БFootballБ Giants. Are they trying to be funny? Or perhaps acting like wise guys? Maybe they just donБt want to give up a tradition that began long ago. However, itБs interesting that I never hear anyone say Colorado БBaseballБ Rockies or St. Louis БBaseballБ Cardinals, for example. There was once an NHL franchise called the Colorado Rockies and an NFL franchise called the St.

Louis Cardinals. That is, until the NHLБs Rockies moved to New Jersey in 1982 to become the New Jersey Devils, and the NFLБs Cardinals moved to Phoenix in 1988 to become the Phoenix Cardinals and later the Arizona Cardinals. Yes, for some reason or another, people donБt emphasize the fact that the Colorado Rockies and St. Louis Cardinals are baseball teams, even though the need to do so disappeared much more recently that the necessity to say New York БFootballБ Giants. Go figure!

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