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Like the dreaded Б,Б the question, БWhy are you interested in this position? Б is sure to come up in an interview. And, even if it doesnБt, if you want the job you should get this sentiment across regardless. So, really, thereБs no way around figuring out how to string together a coherent thought about why this being in this position makes sense for you (and for the company). Luckily, thereБs actually a pretty simple way to go about answering this question effectively without having to go through every big moment or transition in your life and career thatБs brought you to this interview. HereБs a smart framework for how you should structure your answer. First things first, this is an excellent opportunity for you to show off what you know about the company. You can talk all day about how excited you are about joining the team, but nothing will trump actually knowing a thing or two about the place youБre interviewing with. So, to prepare,
and select a few key factors to incorporate into your pitch for why youБre a good fit. Say youБre interviewing for a small quantitative asset management company. The start of your answer might sound something like this: Especially with smaller companies, itБs always impressive when a candidate knows a thing or two about what goes on at the company. And the best thing about this is you rarely have to go beyond reviewing the company website or having a quick conversation with a current or past employee to learn enough to sound like youБve been following the company for a while.

Next, you want to sell why, exactly, youБre right for the role. There are two ways you can do this: You can either focus more on your experiences (what youБve done before that brings you to this point) or your skills (especially helpful if youБre pivoting positions or industries). Try to pinpoint what the main part of the role entails, plus a couple of the Бdesired skillsБ in the job description, and make sure you speak to that. Follow up your introduction to how excited you are about the company with why youБre a good fit: Keep it shortБyouБll have plenty of opportunities to talk about how you got your skills or relevant stories throughout the interviewБand just focus on highlighting a couple key relevant abilities or experiences for the position. Finally, you want to show that the position makes sense for where youБre going in your career. Ideally, you wonБt give the impression that youБre just using the position as a stepping stone. Show that youБll be around for the long haul, and your interviewer will feel more comfortable investing in you: Of course, you donБt have to state specifically that you see yourself in the position for a long time. Just show that youБve given some thought to how the job makes sense for you now and that it continues to make sense for the foreseeable future. String these three components together, and you have a response that will impress on three fronts: your knowledge and enthusiasm for the company, your relevant skills, and your general fit with the position. Plus, this framework has the added benefit of not stopping the flow of the conversation the way going through your entire life story would.

ItБs one of the most common interview questions, and often one of the easiest to slip up on. On the face of it, the interviewer is simply asking БWhy are you sat across from me in the interview room today? Б As such, many candidates provide simplistic answers like БI want this job because I need a new challengeБ or Бbecause you seem like a good company to work forБ. But these candidates often wonБt make the interview shortlist. The interviewer isnБt going to be impressed by generic answers theyБve heard dozens of times before. After all, these answers donБt tell them what they really want to know why this candidate is interested in this job at this company. Hiring new people takes time and money, as such your answer needs to reassure the interviewer that you would make for an engaged and passionate new hire, and will stay and do great things for the company. With this in mind, hereБs how to structure your answer when the interviewer asks, БWhy do you want this job? Б 1. Explain why you are passionate about the company People who are passionate about the company they work for are almost always high performers who go above and beyond to achieve success, both for themselves, and for the company. It may be that you hadnБt heard of the company before coming across the opportunity, or perhaps you have always been interested in the brand. Either way, itБs important that you communicate your passion and enthusiasm for the company when answering this question.

Talk about how you feel the purpose of the company aligns with your own values, which products and services particularly excite you and how impressed you were by their recent financial results, awards or accolades. 2. Explain why you are passionate about the role When listening to your answer, the interviewer also wants to feel assured that you would not only be good at the job, but that you would actually enjoy doing it. So, when answering this question, show your passion and enthusiasm for the role by highlighting what specifically excited you about this role when you read the job description initially, and why. 3. Explain how this opportunity would allow you to progress ItБs important to remember that the interviewer will, in all likelihood, want to recruit someone who has the potential to provide value not just now, but in the long-term someone with ambition, drive, and a commitment to self-improvement. As such, when answering this question, explain that you want to grow your skills and how you think specific elements of the role would allow you to do this. Next, go on to outline why you would like to grow your skills and progress your career at this particular organisation. 4. Reiterate that youБre pleased to have been asked to the interview Lastly, finish by reiterating that you are pleased to have been invited to interview for this role and showcase your suitability for it. An example of the perfect answer БCyber security is such an important, ever growing and ever changing industry.

ItБs an industry IБve grown to be very passionate about over the years, and during this time, I have paid close attention to XXX as a pioneering market leader. I know that you provide robust, pre-emptive solutions and I read your industry commentary with interest regularly. Needless to say I was very excited when I saw you were hiring for this job. When I initially read the job description for the role, one of the things that particularly appealed to me was that it has a strong social media focus, which is perfectly suited to my strengths. Whilst social media marketing is my strongest skill, I am aware that as a profession it is always evolving and I will need to continuously develop my expertise. Working for a forward thinking market leader such as XXX, with a sophisticated and strong social media strategy, will allow me to learn from the experts, keep my finger on the pulse and progress to my full potential using the learning and career opportunities available. б To sum up, this role and company is well suited to my interests, skillset and ambitions, and I am very pleased to be interviewing for this opportunity. Б Let me assure you, providing an answer which includes the above elements will be music to the interviewerБs ears. As I said in the beginning, in all likelihood they will hear the same sorts of answers from candidates time and time again. However if you can take a more personal, considered approach to your answer, you will set yourself apart from the rest as the right person for the job.

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