why do my rose bush leaves have holes in them


Rose slugs create distinctive windowpane-like damage to your rose foliage, with damage commonly appearing between spring and early summer. Small, rounded holes appear first, and eventually the entire leaf surface between the veins can disappear. Leafcutter bees can also cause significant damage to your rose bush, but damage begins at the leaf edge, with small circles appearing in the leaf margins.


The bees donŠ²t eat the foliage as rose slugs do, but take it to make nests for their young. Leafcutter bees are actually beneficial pollinators of other crops, but they can burrow into the cut ends of rose canes to nest, which can cause the attached shoots to wilt and die.


Damaged canes must be pruned below the areas of wilt and disposed of to prevent further damage.
You just have to add a picture or two please! By your words, you might have powdery mildew, sawfly, one cut worm or two, slugs? Where is it that you live? How close are the Weigelas? You do realize these Weigelas are large shrubs, small trees?

Roses need space and sunlight. The graft needs to be exposed to air unless you have winters then the graft is covered with mulch until spring. Zone 7, must be nice. I am very familiar with the very low numbered zones. Right now 1B. Very sad. Send pictures so that we are able to responsibly answer your question! Thanks, Brian!

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