why do my rear brakes lock up


Hi. I will help you with this issue you are having with your 2001 Durango. Unless you bled the master cylinder, it is possible there is still air in the system. If you car is equipped with ABS, air could have also gotten trapped in the ABS modulator. If ABS equipped, a bi-directional scan tool would be essential to manually activate the ABS system to clear air from that segment of the lines while you are bleeding the system. It is also possible that in all of this work somehow the proportioning valve has been affected causing the desired pressure differential, front versus back, to get out of spec.


Using a 2,500 PSI gauge, you can check the pressures at each wheel and that will definitely give you a clue as to which brake circuit is the issue (or both), whether the proportioning valve is working properly and whether the line pressures at each wheel are within spec. Should you need a second opinion, by all means feel free to contact YourMechanic for assistance and we will diagnose and repair the issue for you.
Hello! I am currently stuck in northern California without a mechanic to work on the Opel, thought somebody here may be able to offer some much needed help!

What happened was this, GT had been sitting for a couple weeks with the parking brake engaged and in reverse/park. I pulled it out of the garage and drove it a couple blocks to see how it was doing, all seemed perfectly fine. I stopped, parked, and got out for a few minutes, and when I jumped back in to continue the drive the brakes had locked up. My first thought was the e-brake, however I soon realized that the cable was not stuck and I could roll backwards with some difficulty and still stop the car with the e-brake. With that out of the question I jacked up the front two wheels and found that both discs were still unlocked and rolling freely.

Since I could roll backwards but not forwards I deemed the problem to be the rear drum brakes. Does anybody have any idea why they would suddenly lock up like this? I cannot get them disengaged by simply rocking the car and would burn the clutch up if I tried forcing it. I do not have access to any tools since I\’m away from the house in southern California or else I would have tried my hand at looking at the assembly. Any immediate thoughts on what it could be? Thank you in advance for any help, I appreciate it!

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