why do my pictures not show up on facebook


I ve seen other questions like this and non of the answers are helpful, getting pissed off at Facebook for all these changes that have only made it worse over the years. Stop making it harder and more confusing to use and pushing away your customers. I posted a picture to a page and am tagged in the picture but it wont show up on my timeline or in my photos and it wouldn t even let me re-tag myself in the photo, do I really need to re-upload it to get it to show up on my timeline?

User answers are great but I would love FB to actually respond, I see a lack of that on these forums.
Goog News!!! An alternative is to create a so called unpublished page post, but later publish it. Unpublished Page Posts are posts that can be advertised and promoted, but that don t show up publicly on the Page or receive organic distribution in News Feed.

Unpublished Page Posts must be created in Power Editor, so here is a link to our Power Editor Guide in case you aren t familiar with the tool: To create an unpublished Page Post, please follow these steps: 1. Go to Power Editor: 2. Click on the account drop down in the top left corner 3. Select Manage Pages 4. Click on Create Post 5. Create your post 6. Click Submit 7. To advertise the post, highlight it and click on the Create Ad button at the top of the page Keep in mind that the half moon icon to the left of the date indicates that a post is unpublished.

Click the publish post option in case you wish to publish it to the Page. For more information on Unpublished Page Posts, please read the following guide: Hint: After you publish your post, click on Upload Changes. It worked for me. Hope this is usefull for you too.

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