why do my period cramps feel like contractions


Yes they do. I was in a car accident about 2 months ago. I was rushed to the ER because I was in that moment 7 months pregnant and I was monitored in labor delivery floor for 24 hours. 6 hours before being discharged I felt pain all around my stomach, I wasn\’t sure what was going on. And, my OBGYN and nurse rushed into my room because I was having contractions. As a result of the accident I almost had my baby that morning, thank god my baby calm down and the doctors were great and I\’m currently almost 36 weeks pregnant.

I have 1 month left and I am enjoying my pregnancy and I want it to last to the bitter end. I wish you all mommys to be lots of love and good luck til the end of your pregnancy\’s.
I am a FTM – so I don\’t know this from experience. but my mom said that her Menstrual cramps were so bad that she didn\’t think labor was that hard (and she had us all naturally).

My menstrual cramps are pretty strong too- so she thinks I should be fine with a natural birth also. But I have horrendous menstrual cramps. They come on fast and strong, pain radiates up my back, and down my legs. I then get very weak (I usually lie in a ball on the floor and breath) and then I throw up for a good hour. It can take me out of work for a full day! I once started while I was traveling by air – and spent the entire 6 hour flight in the back area with the flight attendants, who could not believe that I was just having a period.

I could hear them outside of the bathroom guessing that I was probably drunk. They almost let me stay back there through the landing – I was that sick! So. if you have REALLY bad cramps with your period. maybe it is the same. Even then my mom said that labor was worse – just not that much worse. Hope that helps!

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