why do my parents not love me

Identify. Parents who are too focused on themselves to notice their children or to treat them properly can also be toxic. If your parents ignore you completely or only acknowledge you when you are doing something that they can brag about to friends, then this is an example of narcissistic parenting and it is toxic. For example, your parents should encourage you in your interests. A narcissistic parent, however, might only pay attention to you if your interests give him something to brag about, such as by telling all of his friends that you won a scholarship, even though he never asks about your studies or encourages you.

Some narcissistic parents may have a personality disorder (PD). A person with PD displays self-centeredness, refusal to accept personal responsibility, constant self-justification, a strong sense of entitlement, and shallow emotions.

A parent with PD might treat children like a burden or roadblock to her own personal goals. She will typically rely on emotional manipulation to control her kids. People with PD are often hypercritical of their children and can be physically abusive or prone to endangering their childБs welfare.
Look i know that thinking that ur dad doesnt love u is hard. because i myself have been there and i know the felling. But u shouldnt let ur self down because of that!

U have ur right to go out and enjoy life! AND NEVER CHANGE FOR NOONE! Who loves u will love u because of u not because some fake person that u are being because of them! But maybe ur dad doesnt really hate u myb he is just acting cold because he is that type of person there could be a lot of reason for that situaton! BUT U JUST BE HAPPY THINK POSITIVE AND ENJOY LIFE!! NOBODY IS PERFECT!!

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