why do rear brakes wear out faster


From what I can remember Gen 6 Camrys all wear the rear brakes disproportionately faster than the fronts. Some avalons are also known to do this also. And remember while there may be generalizations in the industry cars are still individual. My Corolla has over 100K on the original front brakes. I will probably make it to 120K while a car like a tC will be lucky to 60k.


From what I see on New Toyotas they are almost not wearing brakes out. My Camry has 83K and has 80% left up front. Maybe it is because the bulk is highway but brake designs are significantly changed from the old days.
+2 to Texases post. Designers put smaller brakes in the rear because the front wheels do most of the work. But they donБt always get the balance right.


This is a guess only, but it is possible that changes were made to the Camry design that changed its center of gravity after the brake design was already БsetБ. ItБs also possible that the brake system was carried over from another design and the Camry has a different Cg. There could be any number of reasons. You can mitigate this somewhat by going to metallic or ceramic pads.

They have a different balance of materials compound, and they wear less quickly. Metallic pads can, however, tend to have a grindy sound, and ceramics do wear the rotors slightly more quickly, so there are some minor tradeoffs. Personally, I use ceramic pads. Ask your mechanic what type of pads he recommends.

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