why do the chicago bears have gsh on their uniforms


Photo Source 😛 America loves their. But aside from the, virtually no other NFL franchise can rival the Chicago BearsPin terms of overall history. Once called the Decatur Staleys in 1920, the Chicago Bears have retired 14 jersey numbers; the most in the NFL and the third most in professional sports. While this is the ultimate tribute to the club\’s former players, a more significant tribute has been worn on the sleeves of the Chicago Bears\’ uniforms for 30 seasons now. P
\”GSH\” was added to the sleeves of the Bears\’ uniforms before the start of 1984 NFL season to honor it\’s founding father – George Stanley Halas. Often referred to as the \”Papa Bear\”, Halas was the Chicago Bears owner from 1920 to Halloween of 1983 when he passed away from cancer. The son of Greek-Slavic immigrants, Halas invented the Bears in 1920 when he took a job with A. E. Staley, a starch manufacturer in Decatur, Illinois. Only they weren\’t called the Bears at the time, they were the Decatur Staleys. P Not only was Halas the owner and coach but he also was a wide receiver for the Staleys. (Oddly enough, George also played baseball for the Pfor one season earlier in his career. )PTwo years later, Halas helped transition the APFA (American Professional Football Association) into the NFL (National Football League) in Canton, Ohio.


The league was seen as a haven for the less than stellar football players throughout the country. That all changed over time as Halas recruited players like Bobby Layne, George Blanda, Red Grange and Sid Luckman to come play for the Bears. P The Chicago Bears uniform has changed many times since they were the Decatur Staleys in the 1920\’s but have seen few adjustments since 1984. In 1984, the \”GSH\” was added to the left sleeve of every player\’s jersey. The Bears also began wearing white jerseys with navy pants for away games that year. If you would like to see a complete history of the Chicago Bears\’ uniforms over the years, you can do so on their website atP Unfortunately, \”Papa Bear\” never lived to see the Bears win their lone Super Bowl in 1985, just two seasons after his passing. He did, however, help assemble that very team who many call the greatest defensive team assembled in NFL history. Halas was the integral part of the Bears eight NFL championships which were titles before the Super Bowl era began in 1967. Six of those NFL championships were won while Halas was the head coach of the Bears, the most in NFL coaching history (tied with Curly Lambeau of the Green Bay Packers).


P Photo Source 😛 Today, a part of George lives on with the Chicago Bears. His oldest daughter Virginia McCaskey is the majority owner of the team. While the team hasn\’t been as dominant these last few seasons, teams like the Bears never stay on the NFL\’s \”irrelevant list\” for too long. The NFL\’s talent will continue to fluctuate from year to year and the passionate Chicago fan base will continue to rally behind their beloved Bears. P JUMP TO At the Brooklyn Navy Yard this morning, Nike held an event to unveil the long awaited revamping of the \’s uniforms, that were for the past 10 years designed by Reebok. В Many people speculated that Nike would initiate a change in style similar to the uniforms worn by many colleges, namely the University of Oregon. В Your time to exhale a sigh of relief is now, Chicago fans. The to the classic uniforms were minimal, and actually helped give the classic monsters of the midway a new modern feel. В They accomplished this without taking anything away from the look us Chicago fans have all come to know and love. В The most notable changes are as follows: В вThe \”GSH\”, in commemoration of Papa Bear Halas, was returned to the original, larger size on the sleeve of the jersey. вNumbers instead of previous years being on the sleeve, have been moved to the shoulder pad in order, I am assuming, to allow the increased size of the traditional \”GSH\”. вCollars on the jersey have been changed to a dramatic V-neck adorned by the NFL logo. вThe numbers are now sewn into the fabric as opposed to the jersey itself, allowing for a lighter jersey. вJersey itself is tighter, and much more form fitting than the previous Reebok version вCleats, as opposed to past years, sport both team colors of navy and orange instead of white or black and one of the colors. вGloves sport the \”C\” when the palms are put together, and are navy and orange on top.


All these changes help modernize the classic Bears look, and from what the players have said, will also help with game time performance. В explained to NFL NetworkВ \”Julius is going to get 50 sacks next year\”. Here\’s to hoping Urlacher doubles as a fortune teller. *Update* According to hints from Sean Jensen\’s official Twitter, the will no longer be worn and will be replaced by a.

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