why do rainforests occur along the equator


What is a description of the tropical rain forest? Tropical rain forests are forest biomes that occur close to the equator and experience high temperatures and significant amounts of rainfall each year. The. Why are tides important? Scientists believe lunar tides help move heat from the equator to the poles, a pattern which brings cyclical warm and cool temperatures that create ice age. What are desert climate zones? A desert climate zone is a geographic area with extreme heat and dryness during the daytime and cooler overnight temperatures.


Deserts commonly feature san. Why can Earth maintain bodies of water? Bodies of water on Earth are maintained by the atmosphere keeping the water cycle of evaporation, condensation and precipitation functioning so that water.
FAQs May I use graphics from mongabay. com for my projects? Yes, you may provided that you don\’t remove the mongabay label from the images. You may use information from the site for class projects and can cite kids. mongabay. com as the source.


Is this web site credible? Mongabay is the world\’s most popular source for information on tropical forests. The site is highly acclaimed by a number of the world\’s leading tropical scientists and is run independently, meaning it is has no affiliation with advocacy groups or outside corporations. , who founded Mongabay in 1999 and runs the site today, has published several scientific papers. Can I interview the founder of mongabay. com for my school project? Unfortunately due to the large number of requests and the need to work on the main Mongabay site, Rhett is not available for interviews.


However he has answered some common questions on the page. Do you have any games or activities? Currently there are a few on the. There may be more in the future. Who are some scientists who study rainforests? Take a look at the page. How can I help save rainforests? Some ideas are listed on the page. Where can I learn more about rainforests? There is a wealth of information at the main.

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