why do the bottoms of my feet itch at night


CM did you try the Epsom salt foot soak? I know that in Chinese medicine, very often, toxins show up in the feet, since we live our lives upright and not prone!!! Chinese med uses foot patches to remove toxins, and some healthfood stores have them. But I wonder if the Epsom Salt and the Witch Hazel would work, along with a good detox bath and Activated Charcoal. Also, and although I haven\’t done this I have seen it done very successfully. You could do an Activated Charcoal or Bentonite Clay patch. Here is a site explaining how to make the poultice and patch. It is the link directly to the page. Hope you find some relief. I get it on my scalp and face. I use an activated charcoal body cleanser, and Neem shampoo. It keeps the itching under control.
Itching on the bottom of the feet has a variety of possible causes.


Walking barefoot and wearing sweaty shoes make the feet susceptible to some disorders that cause itching. Other causes, such as scabies, may also cause itching on the bottom of the feet. A dermatologist can evaluate itchy feet to determine the cause and appropriate treatment. Athlete\’s foot, or tinea pedis, is a fungal infection of the feet that causes itching on the bottom of the feet and between the toes. It is contagious, and typically spreads in damp or wet areas where bare feet are common, such as locker rooms and showers,. Athlete\’s foot can also be spread by sharing towels and improperly cleaned pedicure instruments. It starts with fissures, or cracks, between the toes. Skin becomes itchy, red and moist-looking. Although research published in 2013 in The Foot noted that soaking feet in a bath containing green tea polyphenols seemed to have some antifungal properties, the standard treatment is over-the-counter antifungal creams or powders.


A doctor can prescribe drugs for stubborn athlete\’s foot. Scabies is an intensely itchy skin condition caused by mites that burrow deep into the skin. In children, scabies commonly affects the soles of the feet, palms of the hands, face, neck and scalp. Adults most often experience symptoms in skin folds, such as under the breasts or armpits, between the fingers, at the belt line and on the inside of the elbows and wrists. A red rash, tiny blisters and burrow tracks are symptoms. Itching is usually severe, and typically worsens at night. Treatment with products that kill the mites and their eggs — scabicides — is available by prescription only.


Pitted keratolysis, or toxic sock syndrome, is a bacterial infection of the soles of the feet that causes a foul odor similar to rotting fish, according to a 1998 article published American Family Physician. It is common in athletes. Causes include unventilated shoes, sweaty feet and hot, damp weather. Pitted keratolysis causes itching and pain on the bottom of the feet. It is characterized by white patches covered with small, superficial pits that may join together and form larger lesions. A combination of treatments, including minimizing moisture, oral and topical antibiotics, antifungal creams and prescription antiperspirants, is needed to resolve the infection.

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