why do people say bless you after a sneeze


\”Ah. ah. Achoo! \”
Everyone sneezes the average healthy person does so up to per day, in fact. Sneezing can be caused by a lot of things besides allergies and illness;, or even can all trigger an \”achoo! \” In most cases, \”a sneeze is designed to expel foreign particles and irritants from your airway, particularly your nasal cavity, and is a protective reflex,\” of Charlotte Eye Ear Nose though reliable citations are lacking. According to the list, people in many countries reference health and longevity in their sneezing responses, with only a handful referring to God. and wrote previous versions of this post. furniture, even if we donБt know why. them.


ItБs a rarity to let a sneeze shoot out without someone uttering the words, and quite often you wonБt even know the person who says it. OK so itБs polite, but do you know why we actually do this? Well, there isnБt one set answer because there are actually quite a few reasons for the phrase. the risk of sneezing out your soul whenever an attack happened, so saying Бbless youБ offered some protection.


This dates back a long time too, and comes from a period before people realised nose tickles were just an issue with the body. when they sneezed. Spooky stuff, especially when teamed with another line of thought which feared evil spirits used these moments to rush into the body.

This basically means you are in for something horrific either way, so obviously people jumped on the Бbless youБ bandwagon. If that tiny phrase can save you from an eternity being ruled by the devil, then why not give it a go? Next we have Pope Gregory the Great to thank, according to some. He became pope after the man before him was killed by the plague in the 590s, around him. function wasnБt a sign that theyБd caught the deadly illness.

So far so good, this is all pretty believable. moment when they sneezed. Uttering Бbless youБ apparently encouraged the heart to start beating again, the person was still alive. Yes, who needs medical intervention when you can just say a quick phrase to make someone well? Less excitingly, it might just be a way for people to remark on a sneeze. WeБll take demons stealing souls and paralysed hearts over that one.

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