why is it important to have a constitution


The constitution can be defined as the set of written or unwritten laws for governing a country. What are the benefits a country derives from having a constitution? The importance of a constitution to a country cannot be understated. A country without a constitution will ultimately plunge into chaos. All countries need constitution in order to run smoothly. Helps to maintain law and order: The Constitution of a country contains the set of laws that are used to govern a country. Within the constitution there are laws that state how people in the country should behave and what happens if someone breaks the laws of the country. These laws therefore the authorities to maintain law and order. P Thanks to the constitution, the citizens know what constitutes a crime and the penalties associated with the crime(s). Makes the government accountable: Constitutions make governments accountable to the people. The constitution of a country explicitly states that the government of the day is accountable to the people.


It therefore keeps the government on its toes because the people can hold it accountable. Sets out the rights of the people of the country: The Constitution sets out the rights of every citizen of the country. Without the constitution, citizens will not know their rights and these rights can be easily trampled upon. But when the people know their rights then they can fight for them and defend them when the need arises for them to do so. The constitution even contains information on how a citizen can go about fighting for his or her human rights. The constitution therefore is a very important tool that helps prevent human rights abuse. Contains the National goals: The constitution also contains the list of the national goals. This is very important for every nation because it helps keep nations on the right track. For example, the constitutions of many countries have a national goal of strengthening democracy in the country and improving the economy of the country.
The (click on image at right for ) was groundbreaking in numerous ways, establishing a new government, the likes of which the world had never seen.


Indeed, the very features which made it unique have also contributed to its longevity. These features also define the framework of American government and politics, establishing the United States of America, its national government and outlining the relationships between that government, the people and the states. The most significant features of the U. S. Constitution are the establishment of the rule of law, the creation of a federal system with a supreme national government, the separation of governmental powers into three branches that check and balance each other, its flexibility and the establishment of a republican form of government. The Constitution is considered the supreme law of the land both because of its content and because its authority is derived from the people. The concepts and ideas of the Constitution are the \”higher law\” in the United States of America, things which a government cannot create or destroy.

Among these concepts and ideas is the notion that the people are sovereign and that legitimate governments must be based on popular consent. Because the Constitution was ratified by the representatives of the people, it is a document, in both word and deed, created by and for \”we the people. \” While the Constitution is the supreme law of the land, most of the specific, day-to-day rules and regulations that bring order to American society are not included in the Constitution itself. These \”ordinary\” laws are creations of the Congress, state legislatures and city councils. But the notion that laws are more important than the opinions of individual people–even important people–applies to these laws as well. In America, no one is considered to be above the law. In fact, deliberately trying to avoid the law through deception or bribery are crimes in and of themselves. Even a president who violates the law can be held accountable for doing so.

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