why do my nails curl inwards at sides


Can I Change My C-Curve? ASK ANA БHi Ana, IБve done a lot of googling but I canБt find much reference at all to whether one can improve a flatish c-curve on natural nails Б most people seem to have the opposite problem. Most of my nails are quite wide and flat, but not spooned or anything. IБm a little envious of those with a high c-curve! Any thoughts? Thanks for any suggestions. ~Liz
The curve of your fingernail is determined by the shape of your matrix. This is where new nail cells are made right behind your cuticle line. Unfortunately, itБs not changeable. Flat nails tend to tear more at the sides. Curved nails can curl too much and literally hurt. Since the shape of your matrix canБt be changed, you can change definitely change the look of your nails cosmetically. Just look at the women who go from squares, to almond, and back to squares. As nails grow longer, the c-curve tends to tighten because the tips are drying out. They start to curl in the same way an autumn leaf curls as it dries out. I donБt know where the myth came about that you should never file the sides of your nailsБthat they would somehow be made weaker. Does it seem logical that you can file the tops of your free edge but not your sides? Not to me. Credit: NailItMag. com Too Wide? If your nails are flat and tend to widen out at the tips, you can file the side edges to make them a little bit more rectangular. If you have wider nails, wearing polish at all times is going to be very important for you. It will help add temporary strength, thus reducing the side tears.


HereБs my technique for adding temporary strength with polish, Like most people, my thumb nails are flatter than the rest of my nails. They tend to get more side tears. Once those tears happen, the only solutions are to cut your nails back or Are Curves Better? It depends on how curvy your nails are. My nails have a strong c-curveБso much so that they will start to curl too much. For me, if those sides curl too much, they weaken and break. It is possible to have too much of a good thing. I do file my sides to take the pressure off my skin. Side filing also reduces the tension of the curl so my nails flatten out a bit. If you like the way your nails look when you come out of the shower and theyБve absorbed 3 times their weight in water, then youБve got dry, dry, dry nails. You definitely want to start using a high quality. The oil will help soften the curve and make your nails more flexible. This will make them more resilient. It is also important that you NEVER shower naked Бas in naked nails. The water and shampoo help dissolve the oil out of your nails. I explain how damaging water is to nails in Always have at least one layer of base coat completely wrapped around your tips. We all have parts of us that we would like to change, and often times our nails are no exception. The nail community is getting bigger by the minute, so thereБs certainly plenty of nail photos to view. I know itБs really easy to covet what you donБt have. I certainly know I would love to have longer nail beds. I think one of the best things you can do is keep your eyes open for nail art bloggers who have nails similar to yours.


Let them inspire you. ItБs certainly better than wanting something you canБt have. One of the things I love about Sammi from is that sheБs become hugely successful with short, flatter nails. Picture Credit: www. thenailasaurus. com. IБve always had longer nails, but she has taught me that short, well manicured nails can be equally gorgeous. You donБt have to be perfect. Just accentuate the positive. What Do You Think? Did this article change your thoughts in any way? My fingernails started curling about 10 years ago, when I was in my mid-50 s. I have no respiratory problems. I have always been very conscientious about my health and diet, taking nutritional supplements when needed. So the nutritional suggestions don t seem to make a difference with me either. Here is an interesting phenomenon about my nails curling, however. They aren t always curled and sometimes they straighten out again even within the same day. I first noticed them curling right away soon after something I ate one day. I had eaten some day-old summer Kimchi a dish, using fresh cucumbers, fresh yellow onions, sesame seeds and sesame oil, sea salt, and crushed red pepper flakes. At the time I was seeing a herbal nutritionist in New Zealand. I went to see her soon after. She was not available at the herbal pharmacy, but another woman was. When I talked with her about it. She first said that fresh onions spoil more quickly than other veggies do. She then asked me if my nails ever straighten back out again?

I had not thought to check. Since then I do watch them more closely and they sure do. sometimes, sometimes not. I think my curling has something to do with my digestive enzymes or acids, because I have noticed that my nails tend to curl more frequently when I eat leftovers, especially cooked veggies. OR sometimes they will begin to curl when it is time to eat and I am late eating! Go Figure!!! So I have taken enzymes and I have taken HCA but it doesn t seem to help consistently. Also, my middle fingernails always begin to curl first. esp, on my right hand. If I don t get them corrected somehow, seemingly by my diet, then the ring fingernails begin to curl. like others have commented, they will curl in toward my middle fingers. Whereas the middle fingernails always curl straight under. Next, it s my forefinger nails and the baby fingernails that curl in. My thumb nails have not curled yet. It is crazy and annoying that I can feel them curling, or that they have curled. When that happens, I always have to cut them. My nails have been thin and flexible at times and harder at time it doesn t seem to matter when they curl. I continue to seek answers, but so far I have not talked to a healthcare professional or read any health books that address this issue satisfactorily. This is the first site, even, where I have found others who share my same complaint. I have not talked to an acupuncturist about my nails, but I wonder it there is a meridian in the body that runs from the middle finger to the gut????

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