why do my music downloads keep failing


Hi! I\’m having the same issue with downloading EVERYTHING except for apps from play store. The message I get is either download unsuccessful (if it\’s a file being downloaded from the internet), download failed (on apps such as WhatsApp) or media could not be saved (on hangouts or SMS). I have had this issue since doing a system reset in July and I recently tried doing another system reset without rooting my phone today and the issue still persists.


I\’m on Android version 5. 0. 2 on a One Plus One using OxygenOS 1. 0. 0. Any thoughts?!?! I\’m not very techy, so the more you can dumb this down the better ;P thank you!!!
posted by Hi, Recently large file (90+megs) downloads keep failing.

The download started normally, downloads for a little, then idles out and fails with no error messages. I\’m currently on Windows operating system and i even tried disabling all add-ons and scan functionality in my browser and it\’s not my IPS giving me grief either. I\’ve also tried with other browsers such as Explorer and chrome and have no problems with them with the same file and location.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, this is getting really aggravating. Thanks, – Ult I have this problem, too There are several reasons for this problem. I suggest you to test all the instructions given in the link

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